Online Again!

Thanks to Chris, Lester and Webster of iCable (and Chet Asehan for recommending them) we are online again! The device marked in the photo above is the Motorola CyberSURFER Wave cable modem unit that iCable provides its customers. For the connection (and several feet of extra cable apart from the 150 ft they provide, I paid P2,033 for the installation and 1st month fees (FREE installation and modem use, actually) and for the rest of the payments I go to Metrobank where they have an account.

This means I don’t need you-know-who’s DSL service (which is actually more expensive than iCable), but I am still waiting for feedback on the latest requirement they asked from me. Type nyo parin mag-abang? Well, don’t hold your breath. I certainly am not holding mine. I am checking my email, reading the news and — most importantly — BLOGGING!


Online Again!

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9 thoughts on “Online Again!

  1. Inday i need to email d moderator of the bisaya blogger, is it ayeza or you? I want to put the logo and also I WANT BISKDAK ON MY PAGE.

    Nag lulat pa mi sa amo broadband dia pa ko sa dial up ang hinay kaayo mura prosesyon hahhaa.. bitaw bambit am glad you are settled (takes time) as for me we are meeting friends here in Oslo.
    I try my vest to keep busy nga dili SAD ba,
    Have a lovely weekend welcome back to cyber world (see lami gyud sa imo balay like me nag kaon pamahaw naka pyjama ra!!)

  2. Hi! Very rare to see an ideal wife and an ideal mom wrapped in one person, that’s you…based from what I read here. Just learned that Chris is a relative, galing ng blogosphere no?

  3. naku naku Teacher Sol huwag kang magpapaniwala sa mga nababasa mo, nagpapanggap lang ako!

    😆 😆 😆

    But thanks, Sol, both for visiting regularly and for the mother’s day greeting, i am so bad for not reacting right away, pasensiya ka na ha?

    Tuwang tuwa nga si Sam, amazed at how the world is shrinking, imagine finding relatives all over?

    Be well, and enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

    day sha! nagkasabot na mo ni shawty? sus sa grabe ka init diri sa manila karon lami ipamahaw labi na walay pyjama oiiii!!!


  4. Finally Bam. O ayan, medyo bababa na rin presyon mo. Hehe. I envy you for having a cable connection. Hanggang dial-up na lang ako. 🙁

  5. damn free 150ft na ethernet cable???!! my goodness PLDT really ripped me off bigtime. tutal dili man ako ang nagabayad sa internet so no right na magreklamo hehehehe. cge lang they didnt know were doing wifi in the apartment. lol

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