In 1935 the Commonwealth of the Philippines was formally established. The first commercial Clipper flight across the Atlantic Ocean was made, with the China Clipper stopping in Manila along its tour. 1935 was when Eastman Kodak developed Kodakchrome color film, although it was more than a decade after that before Filipinos would be using color film in photo studios. Benito Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, American Congress enacted the National Labor Relations act, where workers were given the right to strike without management retaliation.

On October 1935 on various days of the month, the following people were born: Julie Andrews, Luciano Pavarotti, Jerry Orbach (Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast) and famous golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez. On October 12, on the same day as the famous tenor, my dad Oscar was born.

He spent his school years on Taft Avenue, going to high school at Arellano and college at De La Salle College in the days where the necktie was standard with the uniform. These days Giordano shirts, dark slacks, luxury watches and half boots are his uniform. I browsed through his college yearbook a few times and saw that he had not been in any sports activities, but until recently he was an active member of the CPRA and PPSA in Cebu. Most men his age are taking it easy, tending gardens watching tv, watching their grandchildren grow. My dad drives out everyday to tend to his small businesses and watches his grandchildren grow through pictures we send him on the internet.

There’s a lot more things I can write about my dad, but I don’t want to embarrass him in his old age (hee hee). I think the piece I wrote about him on his birthday last year says a lot about him.

Happy birthday, Dad!


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  1. happy birthday to your Dad!!! got me reminiscing things about my Papa. like your Dad, he was someone you can discuss things with. we were buddies, too.

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