As I am 41 45 years old, this will be a 45-item list (soon). I will be slowly working on it (emphasis on ‘slowly’) until it becomes a 100-item list, or maybe an item for every month that I’ve lived on this earth (which would make it 41 times 12 which is 1 times 2 equals 2, 4 times 2 equals 8 …)

  1. Zodiac Leo, Chinese sign Water Rabbit
  2. I grew up with my father’s older sister and stayed with her until I was thirteen.
  3. My family moved to Cebu in 1974 and I followed them in 1977.
  4. I am an alumni of Mater Carmeli School in D. Tuazon, Quezon City
  5. I used to drink. Gin mostly.
  6. Used to smoke. Started with Philip short, moved on to Marlboro menthols, Marlboro reds and Winston red.
  7. Stopped smoking when we started working on having Maia.
  8. Once worked as a press release writer for an ad agency for Jollibee Cebu
  9. Stopped writing press releases for a real estate developer in Cebu when one of their hillside projects eroded and flooded out barangay residents below
  10. Once worked for Wilson Ng (bizdrivenlife) although he may choose not to remember.
  11. I try my best to ignore the bizdrivenlife banner on pinoyblog.
  12. Mom to three kids, Athelstan Emil, Xavier Lourenco, and Himaya Amarantha.
  13. Married to Maia’s dad Criocksz, a.k.a. Samuel Bilibit.
  14. Gave birth to Maia when I was 40!
  15. Once went to the Silliman National Writers Workshop (Batch 82).
  16. Mom Edith Tiempo once described me as being “a bag of bones and a hank of hair”, I was so thin back then.
  17. Rubbed elbows with the best of them at the UP NSWW in ’85. Jessica Zafra was one of the kids in that batch.
  18. Took more than two years for me to speak Cebuano fluently, with no Tagalog inflections.
  19. Cebuanos mistake me for being taga Ormoc when they hear me speak.
  20. My husband thinks I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.
  21. I’m never going to ask my husband to upgrade his eyeglasses.
  22. My second son is graduating from elementaryΒ high school.
  23. I wear multi-coated reading glasses in front of the computer.
  24. Also when I work with needle and thread.
  25. I don’t like pink, but 80% of Maia’s stuff is pink.
  26. I would rather not buy anything for myself than pick up something because “wala nang ibang mapagpilian”.
  27. I prefer sandals to closed shoes.
  28. I prefer sneakers to sandals.
  29. I would kill for a custom-made pair of calf-length soft leather boots.
  30. I can perform miracles with garlic, onions and tomatoes.
  31. I play the guitar.
  32. Once sang Carole King, Carly Simon, Joan Baez etc songs at a small folkhouse in Mandaue.
  33. Been abroad only twice, both times to HK, one on business the other for pleasure.
  34. I enjoyed the HK business trip more.
  35. Lived in Cebu for more than 20 years.
  36. I consider myself bisdak.
  37. I can fake Tagalog with a Cebuano accent.
  38. I like dogs.
  39. I don’t like people who think people are like dogs.
  40. I’ve never really thought of myself as a Manila girl.
  41. I’m going to have to give it another try.Β I still dream of living in the uncomplicated province.
  42. Until now I’ve been financially incapable of buying any one of PMJr’s compilations.
  43. It irks me no end to know that there are NO bookstores in Iligan City (as of 2005, that is).
  44. The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan defined my life in the 80s.
  45. I don’t listen to them too much nowadays, as I don’t have very fond memories of the 80s.
  46. I learned to love (European) football because of my husband.
  47. My favorite football team is Real Madrid.
  48. My favorite football players are: Oliver Kahn (Goalkeeper – Bayern Munich/Germany), Ronaldinho (Forward – Barcelona FC/Brazil), David Beckam (Midfield – Real Madrid/England) and Iker Casillas (GK – Real Madrid/Spain).
  49. One of my dreams is to walk down Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok and buy all the goalie jerseys I see.
  50. One of my other dreams is to have enough money to go to Bangkok and (see item above).
  51. My least liked household chore is doing the ironing.
  52. I have a grandson named Pavel Andrei Magale Cortes. We call him Andut for short.
  53. My daughter is a year younger than my grandson.
  54. I do a lot of takeout.
  55. I’ll take McDo over Jollibee everytime.
  56. Wendy’s Boni knows my voice over the phone by heart.
  57. I was first married when I was 18 and stupid.
  58. The only two non-stupid things I did during that time were have my two sons Athelstan and Xavier.
  59. My first marriage was declared anulled in February 2002.
  60. I worked for an IT company in Makati for 4 years before I settled down and became a wife again.
  61. I found that job on the internet (viva!).
  62. There were times when I slept in the office because I didn’t have a life.
  63. I was an mIRC chataholic for two years.
  64. When in a crowd in Manila I tend to speak to my companions in Cebuano, rather than Tagalog.
  65. During my no-life period I would go see a movie at Robinson’s Ermita armed with a giant tub of popcorn and large size rootbeer, and eat without a care in the world.
  66. I feel like strangling people who do not turn off their celfones inside a theater.
  67. Even if celfones are on silent mode, the light from the celphone screens distract me.
  68. I do not know how to make “tawad” at market.
  69. Back in Manila my favorite hangouts were at True Value (Rockwell or Shangri-la Edsa), Almon Marina and The Soup Kitchen at the Megamall.
  70. Never cared much for nightclubbing.
  71. But I like listening to live acoustic music.
  72. When I was a teen-ager I used to sneak out of our house in Cebu at night so I could watch Ricky Pineda sing at the Marlboro Folkhouse.
  73. Never been to Bistro 70s or Conspiracy (but they’re on my list of places to go to at least once before I die).
  74. My brother predicted my life now with his tarot cards, ten years ago.
  75. I once spent my entire half month’s salary on ASA300 film for a Minolta SLR my aunt gave me, taking shots of interesting places in Cebu.
  76. Years ago, I went up the hills in Tuburan, Cebu in my combat boots, camera and two kids, the younger of whom was strapped to me in a baby carrier.
  77. For some unfathomable reason I have often been mistaken for a UP Diliman grad. No offense intended to UP grads reading this.
  78. I am a proud alumni of the Philippine Airforce College of Aeronautics (now known as the Philippine State College of Aeronautics), Education Department.
  79. My college batchmates were at least 10 years younger than I was, because I had started a family and waited quite a bit before I started college.
  80. Stone Temple Pilots, Seal and Color It Red defined my college days.
  81. Back when my eldest son was just starting to learn the guitar, I used to play for him so he could sing Take That’s Back for Good.
  82. I once encoded countless theses, reports and dissertations to pay for my college tuition.
  83. Learned most graphics and layout programs hands-on, back when there were no “XYZ for Dummies” books.
  84. Learned web design and coding via tutorials on the net, reverse-engineering web pages that I thought were cool at the time.
  85. Learned BASIC programming on a Radio Shack TRS-80.
  86. Once believed in STI’s slogan “First we’ll train you, then we’ll hire you” and studied COBOL programming in the early-80’s in Cebu.
  87. First computer was an IBM XT compatible that ran on two 5ΒΌ floppy disk drives, with MS DOS 4.0 and Wordstar 3.0.
  88. Have written short stories that have been published in several national magazines, proof of which exist only in these magazines archives, as mine have been consigned to the left-behind corners of gypsyhood.
  89. My bull-run of poetry writing is documented in Homelife’s Jan-Dec 2000 issues, of which I have bookbound copies, as part of the prize for #90.
  90. Won Homelife’s Year 2000 Poetry Competition, 3rd Prize for “The Last Betrayal”. This was the year both their suppliers came up with the plaques consigned, which both ended up with the winners who now have one sitting on their shelves and one hanging on their walls.
  91. Smoked Baguio gold a few times in my wild and wooly youth.
  92. Yes, I inhaled.
  93. Never tried chemical drugs of any kind.
  94. I get my highs when I’m with my family. Now that’s a natural high! πŸ™‚
  95. Will soon be very busy packing up boxes that were never fully unpacked when we moved to Iligan.
  96. Am looking forward to going to Baclaran, Divisoria and Robinson’s Ermita again.
  97. Wendy’s, KFC, McDonald’s … wag kayong aalis, babalik na kami!
  98. Will miss the birds outside our bedroom window in the morning here in Iligan.
  99. Will miss the clean streets, the one-ride-to-anywhere, the P30 P.U. non-aircon taxis.
  100. Will definitely miss Mindanao, which was my peaceful home for the past 12 months.
41 things about me (extended version)

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11 thoughts on “41 things about me (extended version)

  1. bamabit, we have so much in common:)

    same age, obviously same chinese zodiac sign, mom to three kids, but mine are all girls. i love the name of your amarantha, it’s a beautiful name. my middle child is also graduating grade 7 this wednesday.


  2. misispi: i was so glad to finally have a girly-girl after two makulit boys who hate shopping, but now that she’s growing up i’m beginning to have second thoughts because she seems to be taking after me … patay ako ngayoooon!

    J: We call the eldest Pakluy, his kid brother Maui and the little girl Maia — si Maia lang ang malapit ang palayaw. At least they won’t have problems with NBI clearance registration

  3. wow… you and tito rolly both named your kids so they won’t be confused with criminals πŸ˜€

    anyway, sis, good luck with the fancy panty hunting thingie you plan to do here in manila…

  4. delish: it also comes from having a name like “Maria Victoria”. When I was in elementary there was a “Maria Victoria” in every section.

    mari: sabi na nga ba we had something in common eh πŸ™‚ i treasure you for being the first ever to comment on my blog! πŸ˜€

  5. luv ur kids’ names, i also have 3 – christine dianne, christian daniel, and christler derwin, i’m also 42, glad to know there are moms like us

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