Class of 2005

He looks happy enough, for a grade 6 transferee. He’s been to four schools in his elementary school life, because of having to move house. And he knows he’s up for another move for the next school year. But he’s the kind of guy who takes changes in stride and never lets a change in plans ruin his day. His name is Xavier Lourenco (that’s Hav-yer Lorenzo) but we call him Maui, after his paternal grandfather Mauricio (may he rest in peace), whom he resembled at the day of his birth.

Maia & Kuya Maui

For some reason his baby sister adores him. When he’s not with her cracking up he’s usually in front of his computer, deep into his fanfiction, FESS/Ambrosia forums or his favorite strategy games. He “rests his eyes” by reading about space and astronauts and fighter pilots. His main household chore is to do the dishes after lunch on the weekends when he’s home. He’s on the honors list of the graduating class. On the last day of their religious retreat three weeks ago he pointed his crush out to me.

He can recite the screenplays of Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down from memory, with full cast lists for each. Another favorite is the Band of Brothers series. He’ll be a teen-ager on his birthday four months from now. His idea of clothes shopping is to buy the first thing he fancies and then go home. When he goes shopping with the family, we buy his stuff last, because once he gets them he goes “Can we go home now, huh, can we go home now?”

Mr. Teeth da Flasher

Here he is doing his impression of a flashlight model. Or was it a toothpaste commercial. He’s thinking of having his new room painted sea green and putting blinds in to help the feng shui. On Saturday he’ll be in formal clothes and a toga, saying goodbye to elementary school.

Congratulations, Kuya Maui!

Kuya the Graduate

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6 thoughts on “Kuya the Graduate

  1. Oh that’s a cute flashlight endorsement!

    Hey, word press!!! Is it easier? Can you email me what you currently think of WP? I’ve been thinking of migrating to WP too but not convinced enough yet.

  2. sa totoo lang, i’d rather read the news than watch it. the likes of those you mentioned above are really a disgust. it’s all about ratings. thats their priority. no regard for the feelings or the emotional trauma the victims they interview.
    and i hate mike enriquez!

  3. my comment is supposed to be about the journalism entry hehehe. na-mali ako 🙂

    kuya maui looks makulit.

    and on the school thing, i transfer my kids every school year. this june, it will be their third. domestic conflicts…but they’re coping and i’m coping too. thank goodness.

  4. Congrats kay kuya maui ni maia.
    bambit, ayos lang ang palipat lipat mas malawak ang outlook niya sa buhay as he got to meet different people in different places, kaya mas magiging mataas ang coping/adjustment skills ni Maui.

  5. mari & luchie: tama kayo, coping is the key. Nag worry lang ako konti dahil I have a cousin who is forced to move house at least every 18 months to keep up with her hubby’s job demands, they have 3 kids who really miss “home” wherever that may be. But they are a lot younger than Maui, and I suppose all that moving will be better for them in the long run.

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