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The world record for the time it takes for a man to grow balls. 35 years.

A loyal Brit has been quoted to say that Charles did awful by Diana but past is past. What I don’t understand is why the bonnie prince didn’t stand up for his ladylove when he first fell in love with her in 1970. And why he had to ruin a lovely young girl’s life just so he could gain a bit of respectability, or perhaps just to humour his mum.

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Here’s one for the Guinness Book

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4 thoughts on “Here’s one for the Guinness Book

  1. dear bambit,

    thanks for straying into my post.
    really now, isn’t this bit about charles and camilla one of the better reads of the year? i mean, in this age, when rich men, especially those preposterously coiffed tycoons (trump, anyone?), make a game out of marrying ever younger women, charles is such an anachronism that suddenly he is so cool. i love it.
    and for a while there, i don’t really mind being called a royal watcher.
    samuel johnson must be really right. second marriages represent triumph of hope over experience.

  2. i am a royal watcher, not only the British but the japanese prince and princess too and lately the crown prince of Brunei. but with this i don’t care about the marriage of the oldies. and prince charles who visited HK during the handover, how could I forget his laugh when the Chinese premier talked.

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