I buy pirated CDs. I have 3 maybe 4 suking tindahans in downtown Iligan. They’re at the back of Chow King, but I don’t think Mr. Manzano will be going there himself anytime in future. Imbibe a bit of the Iliganon culture and you’ll know why. The shops I’m a regular of allow me to return defective cd’s even a week after I’ve bought them. Since I usually buy five or six at a time, they know they can’t expect me to spot skips and bad subtitles in 24-48 hours.

On an international scale, I ask friends who are going to Bangkok to pick up a jersey or two for me at the Chatuchak weekend market. Over there, for the equivalent of Php 300, you can get a Real Madrid jersey with authentic patches and adidas (yes, just two d’s) tag just like the ones you see in the malls. I’ve never been to Bangkok myself, but my husband has. I have therefore been the recipient of pasalubong purchased from Chatuchak. He didn’t have a camera at the time, so I borrowed this photo from www.into-asia.com.

Chatuchak MarketLook at the upper right hand area of this photo and you will see a Manchester United jersey on display, pretty much like Divisoria. In the same area near the edge is what looks like a Barcelona FC jersey. You can get them blank or you can ask the storeowner to appliqué your favorite player’s monicker and number at the back. The stuff here is better than what you can get, and more expensively too, at the replica shops in the respective countries. My brother-in-law came home from a workshop in Spain with Ronaldinho’s #10. The Chatuchak products looked better, cost less.

I need to change topics now, as this post may be misconstrued as encouragement to violate IPR. I may be accosted at an MRT station, when the time comes that I’ll be using that mode of transport again, for wearing a fake jersey. But I don’t think so. Wearing the red ManU kit may make me look like I’m advertising a brand of cellphone, or a telecommunications company, if I wear Real Madrid. Only a full-blooded bicycle-kicking, hat-trick scoring footbolero would know that I’m a fan.

4 wise monkeysOne of the stuff da hubby brought home from Chatuchak was this carving from a fishbone. It must have been a pretty big fish, as this measures 6x3x1 inches. It’s the Three Wise Monkeys: See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil–with their new friend Do No Evil. Very appropriate for this day and age.
So does Do No Evil include buying fake cd’s and jerseys? Perhaps from Edu’s point of view, yes. But not from mine. In my opinion, these shops perform a necessary service, providing entertainment and sensory gratification for people who cannot afford expensive originals. Not all of us can walk into a brand shop and walk away with an original (after having paid for it, of course. I do not endorse outright thievery.) I can go on and start a discourse on how a worker on an assembly line that makes signature denim jeans can churn out 10 finished pieces a day but whose daily takehome pay is merely a fraction of the selling price of the 10 pairs of jeans he made. But I won’t. I’ll leave that to the natdems or socdems or whatever they call demselves.

You gonna cuff me now?

a red rag to a bull

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