Tiramisu Meltdown
This is the fourth of Tiramisu Meltdown* Ofel Clavo brought me late this afternoon. Ofel is an area manager for Red Ribbon Bakeshop. I haven’t taken it out of the styrofoam box it came in, it’s too fragile. I can’t eat too much of it, that would be too much heaven. It’s soooo yummy. wats0n, if you’re reading this, you can lick the pic.

Ofel’s job is to go from one Philippine city to another putting up Red Ribbon Bakeshop branches. She’s currently based in Cagayan de Oro. She visited the Iligan branch to see how they’re doing, and since she was in town, she asked to see me as well. Her direct boss is Jorge Maria Q. Concepcion, whose gracious and generous letter ended my animosity towards the RRB Iligan Branch.

It was an informal visit that lasted for more than an hour. She assured me that a new system has been put in place so that what happened to me will not happen to anyone else ever again. A very engaging conversationalist, Ofel is. RRB is fortunate to have her. Because of Ofel, a couple of students at the nearby Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) now know that their allowances can go a long way at Red Ribbon, when at first they thought it was a high-class place they could not afford. Expect the Iligan branch to be a students hangout real soon.

Before Ofel ended her visit, she gave me these:

RRB Gift Certificates

Mmmm… malapit na bday ni da hubby. Sana may stock ng sylvannas pagpunta ko ng Red Ribbon…
*I had erroneously written Liqueur Tiramisu in my first draft. It’s Red Ribbon’s new product that was launched only last Tuesday, 1 March 2005.

A Red Ribbon Postscript, or may happy ending din pala sa totoong buhay

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One thought on “A Red Ribbon Postscript, or may happy ending din pala sa totoong buhay

  1. Good morning bambit.Wow! did i tell you?see, they gave you a lot. sarap siguro niyang cake.
    luchie | 03.03.05 – 6:27 am |

    the cake looks sumptuous!! pahingi!!

    wow and with gift cheques pa. i think they more than made up for it. you’re one fortunate customer!
    tin | 03.03.05 – 12:58 pm |

    but parang i haven’t seen that cake yet here???

    delish | 03.03.05 – 3:03 pm |

    mari | 03.03.05 – 3:59 pm |

    *slices slivers off liqueur tiramisu and serves them to luchie, tin, delish and mari*

    it’s so rich there’s plenty to go around. i remember Ofel saying it’s a new product, but i had no idea it was THAT new, delish. wow, i feel so honored … so vindicated … so FAT!
    bambit | 03.03.05 – 4:04 pm |

    Hello Bambit. Ako nga rin, mag-oorder dyan sa RBB branch dyan tapos ipapadeliver ko dito sa Manila the next day. So pag di sila nakapag-deliver, I will demand for my liquer tiramisu! Bago ata yan ah, never seen it here before.

    That’s a good action they made, and yes, I agree with you. RBB is lucky to have Ofel as part of their team.

    Photo pa lang, dessert na!
    watson | 03.03.05 – 6:12 pm |

    Hi Bambit! Wow that is one delicious looking cake! What customer service! They are indeed lucky to have Ofel on their team.
    Jmom | 03.04.05 – 5:34 am |

    you know, my neice got food poisoning at Dunkin Donuts. So my sister-in-law complained at the corporate office too. she got a prompt response and a manager level person also visited my neice at their home. She gave them donuts and give certs too. great PR!!
    mell ditangco | 03.04.05 – 12:07 pm |

    Greetings From Mars…truly red ribbon products are one of the most i fancy in town, and they dont cost that musch either. More power.
    Major Tom | 03.04.05 – 3:29 pm |

    wats0n: waaa ayan special mention ka tuloy sa email ni Mr. Concepcion…

    JMom: kwela pa ka-kwentuhan si Ofel

    Mell: buti nalang your niece came through ok. meron akong friend na FP sa isang 24-hour food chain but since nawala recibo nya walang ginawa yung food chain.

    Major Tom: Hey, glad you could drop by!

    bambit | 03.05.05 – 1:30 am | #

    all’s well that ends well, eh…

    when i was organizing jan’s 1st bday party at jollibee, i was told the day before na day of the party na hindi daw pwede matuloy dun yung party and do i want to get a resort or someplace else, kasi daw busy ang store nila pag saturdays. hello???we had a contract signed two weeks ago! i walked out and never went back to that place again.

    ruth | 03.07.05 – 7:05 pm |

    Yeah, happy ending nga! That cake looks so sinful!!!

    toni | 03.10.05 – 5:55 pm |

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