I’m sitting in a cafe in a decrepit mall in Tambo, Pasay. The cafe itself is nice, airconditioned, 25 pesoses minimum up to 1 hour. It’s probably the best buy I’ve had for my money in the past week that we’ve been here.

Renovation to the house is done, at least we’re done with the contractor. Quits, kaput, good riddance, hope you enjoy the money we paid you because we had no other choice but to get on with the renovation as soon as we could and you were the only person we knew. Next to Ellen Valena you are the person I hate most in Manila. I must admit, naging tanga din ako for missing the stuff you took out when you revised the quote you first gave us, pero pasalamat narin ako dahil malinis na bahay namin. I will not name you here outright, dahil sa totoo lang din naman, maganda ginawa mo sa kitchen counter. Sa kitchen counter lang ha, don’t get your hopes up baka kala mo pati dun sa ibang bagay na ginawa mo sa bahay nagandahan din kami. But if any of my friends start talking about hiring an architect/contractor from Casimiro Homes in Sucat, sisiguraduhin kong hindi ikaw yung iniisip nila.

Will be posting the before and after pics in a day or two, for those interested in how to fix a pigsty to make it humanly livable again. Hirap nitong pacafe-cafe lang, sandamukal na pakiusap pa bago makapag-upload ng pics from a cd.

On a lighter note, this morning nagpunta sa Barangay Vitalez si Eagle Riggs ng Unang Hirit!!! Nabalitaan agad ng mga girls kong sina Bebing at Annalie, kaya hayun, binitbit ang Maia para mapanuod ang segment ni Eagle. Nuod din kami sa bahay, pero hindi naman sila nakunan ng camera. Pero pag uwi nila may bitbit na medium-sized basket si Annalie, punong puno ng sabong panlaba … nanalo pala siya sa raffle pagkatapos ma-air ng segment ni Eagle. Maganda daw si Eagle.

Ang Pagkabanhaw / Ang Pagbabalik

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13 thoughts on “Ang Pagkabanhaw / Ang Pagbabalik

  1. sa wakaaaaaaaaaaaas!

    i’m sure friends na rin si eagle at si maia. sa hilig pa naman ni maia sa mga tulad kong… ibong makulay!


  2. wala bang souvenir pic si maia with eagle? for posterity man lang, hehe…

    enjoy manila, bambit. when it gets tough, just remember those of us who are madly homesick and would give almost anything to get a whiff of manila air. yes, smog included 😉

  3. “pa-cafe cafe lang” somehow that crack this face with a smile. I like-ked that line 🙂
    Is it good to be back in Manila? Then again, anywhere is good as long as your heart and family is with you (o diba?) osya – hope you’re not having too much fun unpacking heheheh joke lang po.
    p.s.: may dial-tone ka na?

  4. day maayo unta naa kay internet soon, busy kaayo ko diri sa Oslo, ay ambot.
    Hope you will have yr connection the soonest para daghan masulat ug mga litrato

  5. Tita Bambit, mahal pa rin yang 25 PHP na internet! Merong shop na nag-offer ng DSL connection (at air con pa) worth 10 PHP. 🙂

  6. maayong buntag again inday Bambit, maayong buntag mga binisaya gikan sa Ormoc, BTW those visayan love songs where included in the posting of DOCTOR EMER (kudos to DOC), BTW, i have read you have some problems with PLDT, i worked with them, and hate them too that why i left, may be i can help you i still have some connections.

  7. it’s good to be back in manila (i think) and even better to be living in the house where i was born and knowing my kids will grow up in it too. not too many internet cafe’s in our area, not like in iligan where there’s at least 4 per city block at 10-15p an hour. pldt is making me go through the eye of the needle just to get a connection, and all these holidays do not work towards speeding up the work. but we have cable back, the dream sat people came within two days of our having called them and pointed the dish in the right direction so maia’s happy she’s got her disney channel back and sam’s happy because he can watch the UEFA semi-finals (he’s rooting for AC Milan) and i have spanish liga (waiting for Real Madrid and Barcelona to battle it out). i suppose it’s just a matter of time now before PLDT sees the light, and eventually also gives us a DSL line when I apply for one. in the meantime the kids are sleeping well and so are we, so there’s just about not much else to wish for, except there’s maui’s enrollment, maybe swimming classes if he likes, maia’s wading pool because it’s soooooooo darn hot here!!! but we have birds in the trees in the morning, and a breeze that doesn’t stop all day 🙂

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