anonymousOne utility that has been on the internet for a long time — but of which I have just recently discovered the use — are anonymizers. What’s an anonymizer?

It’s a website where you can go and enter a URL to browse. It’s like a browser within your browser, but instead of broadcasting your IP address to the sites you’re surfing, it gives the anonymizer’s address instead. Anonymizers were first developed for security reasons, so that spurious sites cannot remember your IP address and do malicious things to your server or provider. It also makes you untraceable.

For the uninitiated, your Internet service provider (ISP) gives you an IP address each time you connect to the internet. This IP can be the same each time you log in (static), or it can be different every time you log in (dynamic). But either way, your IP address is a way you can be traced, as it will reveal who your ISP is and its location.

Using an anonymizer takes away that possiblity.

But another use I’ve discovered for the anonymizer is getting on to websites that somehow I cannot access with certain ISP’s. I have had, for the longest time, intermittent problems accessing batjay’s and gelay’s sites if I surf to them direct from my browser. However, if I use an anonymizer, I can see their sites no problem.

Also, I discovered that iCable IP’s have been banned from Haloscan, as well as a few other commenting systems because iCable runs an open proxy. But if I comment on haloscan through an anonymizer, my comment gets published.

The Anonymous Browsing Quickstart Page can be found here. From here you can choose from several anonymous browsers. My personal choices are Anonymouse and Anonymizer because their frames are unobtrusive and the ads negligible.

It’s worth a try, especially if you’re having the “domain expired” problems while accessing some sites, and clearing your browser cache doesn’t work.

This anonymizer is, of course, different from those who write ugly comments on other people’s blogs under the name “Anonymous”. Good thing about WordPress is that it logs commenters’ IP addresses, the same way Haloscan does. I’ve never used Blogger’s commenting system, so I wouldn’t know if Blogger logs IP’s too. If you ever get any spurious comments on your site, find out what the IP address of the commenter is. Chances are you might find out where it came from.

Unless, of course, the commenter used an anonymizer.


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12 thoughts on “Anonymizing

  1. I am not flattering myself, :neutral:in fact I feel I should be on guard. These past 2 days, may mga unknown visitors na pumapasok sa tracker ko. Epekto kaya ng kasalukuyang pangyayari?

  2. hmmm…. parang ang tagal ko nawala at wala na akong alam hehehe but im done with those unWANTED and unINvited ANONYMOUS(E) commenters. sabi nga nila if you cant beat them then join them1

    Why not diba? hehehehe

    email me nga hehehe *wink*:wink:

  3. sol, epekto yan ng mga magagaling tumira ng kapwa pero kung sila ang tinamaan balat-sibuyas din naman pala 😈

    mell, i like the way your mind works he he he parang ako he he he

    ayeza, ok sana kung yung anonymous mag-iiwan ng msg na “i miss you” or some such sweet nothing eh … pero kung paninira naman ang ginagawa diba may tawag dun? ano … uhm … duwag??? 😈

  4. Bambit, this is extremely interesting. Never heard of it til now… BTW, I checked my own site using the anonymizer and my site did not appear right– does this mean there’s some browser limitations? I am using opera…

  5. hi alma! yes, anonymizer sets some limits in browsing, kasi it wants you to BUY the full product, parang tikim lang yung free site nila. it also has something to do with the way a site is designed.

    However, when I used anonymouse, your site turned up fine. I use both IE and firefox when i test sites. I should install opera too, i suppose.

  6. Salamat sa tip. Yung nakikita ko may mga bayad. Meron palang mga trial/evaluation editions. May paggagamitan ako nito. 😈

    Pero hindi po sa iniisip ng iba…mas personal pero nag-dadalawang isip pa ako…

  7. hey Punzi, welcome to my house! 😀 actually, una kong tinuro yang anonymizer sa mga friends kong matitigas ang mga ulo punta ng punta sa mga xxx sites tapos kung ano-anong kalokohan ang ginagawa he he he. marami pa siyang gamit maliban sa para huwag mabuko ng kung sino man.

  8. Thank you! Nice house…

    Gawain ko rin dati yan noong bata-bata pa ako. Pero alam mo naman, hindi papatok ang internet noon kung hindi rin sa mga sites na yan…Kaya may silbi rin sila…

    Eto na naman ako, pina-iiral ko na naman ang pagiging tagapag-tanggol ko…

    blog pa tayo!

  9. i also hate people who leave comments on my posts, especially judgmental ones, tas wala man lang links…

    and it’s not so much na i can’t bear a different opinion…if it’s ‘nicely’ said and properly supported… why not, chocnut diba? that isn’t to say i’d change my mind, i might, i might not, i’d disagree, etc… pero at least i was treated with courtesy naman…

    the prob w/ blogging kasi… just because everything’s public, some people get the impression na you can just spit anywhere and it’d be ok…

    syempre hindi kaya… your blog is your own and the same right that allows you to post entries and choose templates and add ons also gives you the right to choose what you want to post (be it a song, a poem, a rant, a picture, etc) in the way you want or know how… and i think visitors (who aren’t obliged to visit anyway) should respect that naman…

    kakainis kasi…some anony posters keep ranting and abusing you right on your blog when they can just plainly stop going there naman if you really so distress them…

    andaming blogs ever ha… and andaming things to blog about!!! aysush…

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