there are ants on my keyboard. they live in the vast recesses of the alphabet and F-keys caps lock and tabs. i don’t know how they got there they were just all of a sudden there as if they thought they could find sustenance in the detritus valley. maybe they were looking for water. everyone’s looking for water these days it’s so damn hot. i hear water all the time running dripping traversing the plumbing fixtures embedded in the walls of this apartment which will be no longer our home in the next one two three four eighteen hours when the container van comes to gorge itself on our lean puny furniture as Monstro had eaten Gepetto and the wooden boy Pinnocchio. i hear water but i never see it. it runs not from our faucets but i hear the tank overflowing and the electric motor running. i hear cooking sounds someone’s frying something all the time all over the place sometimes i smell the cooking sometimes not. most of the time i smell something burning and i call out “something’s burning!” and they all run to find out what it is and they tell me it’s a bonfire from two houses away i tell them someone threw an old rubber slipper into it i hate that smell almost as much as i hate the smell of cigarette filters burning in ashtrays. and then they look at me and tell me what am i doing on the computer i’m supposed to be resting recuperating i say i’m saying goodbye for now dammit and i’m not done yet wait i’m not done yet i’m w a a a a a a a a i i i i i t t t t

ants on my keyboard

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12 thoughts on “ants on my keyboard

  1. oi nakasuwat na? este nakatype an diay? basin cge kag kaon wyl u type mau daghan alamigas sa imong kiburd

    yehey wala nay sakit. pero ayaw baya pagpalabi basin mabinat ka mau hinay hinay lang uki?

    get well soon!

  2. Bambit, now its obvious, you are not just drinking coffee infront of your computer but also munching something… spit it out, cookies? cake?:lol: Anyway, you can always, clean up the keys of your board, by removing all of them all and cleaning up the inside with those thingamajig-small-brushes and some mild cleaning liquid soap…

  3. hehe, ano yan panic attack? :mrgreen: aysows i get ants all over my PC too.. my friends say it’s because i’m diabetic 😯

    good luck finding water in manila tho 🙄

  4. hi miss bambit. ive been reading ur blog for a while now and i find it interesting.
    i use a small painting brush for cleaning out the small spaces in the keyboards. maybe this will drive out the ants. it also helps if we avoid eating while using the PC 😆 but i know it cannot be avoided.
    i will be adding your blog to my daily reads on my site, if you dont mind. thanks a lot and happy blogging :mrgreen:

  5. get well soon, bambit! i don’t have ants on my keyboard, but that’s only because they have excellent pest control over here… but from the looks and feel of it, it’s obvious i take my breakfasts, among other meals, in front of my pc, hehe… hey, multi-tasking, di ba?

  6. Hi bambit, naku huwag naman sana akong ma moderate. tulad mo ayoko rin ng amoy ng sigarilyo.
    eh ako minsan kumakain din pag nagko computer. my daughter said bad daw yun sa computer baka makapasok sa loob ay masisira. eto may langgam na nga bay muna…:neutral:

  7. was this posted before leaving Iligan? If thats the case the ants want to go with you to Manila they are used to their bambit crumbs diet!

  8. buti langgam lang, maliliit kasi ang spaces ng keyboard hehe kung nagkataon, ipis *joke*—pinapatawa lang kita dahil lipat bahay ka na, baka stressed ka.

  9. [BatJay] L O L:lol: langgam sa tagalog… ants. Sa cebuano, langgam would be bird. I think in Ilonggo, ants is subay…

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