It’s full of kids playing online games, and although the sign at the entrance says they open at 8am, it was well over 10am before they unlocked the front door. But at least the gaming computers have headsets attached to them, so I don’t get bombarded by gaming chaos while I’m blogging, so it’s actually better than the 25/hr cafe I was in at the mall at Tambo. I could turn into a regular here. They have 10 units, some with webcams and all with headsets, and the aircon is at a tolerable coolness.

Just a few days ago there was a big fire at the back of this place, which is the talipapa or mini wet market, a blaze big enough to warrant the presence of more than 10 firetrucks from voluntary firefighters coming from as far as Quezon City. The streets here are so narrow the other firetrucks had trouble placing themselves at a useful distance from the fire, and it raged for the better part of the afternoon before it was contained. A few people had been hurt and were taken away by a number of ambulances, and I hear one person died in the fire. A few shanties were hit, there was the confusion of a hurried evacuation of residents, but by five in the afternoon, the periphery looked like nothing untoward had happened. Put that to the hardiness of the Pinoy psyche; life goes on and so does everything that is associated with earning a living.

And so this internet cafe, as well as two others nearby, is back in business. And, for all intents and purposes (and some good timing), so am I.

At last! 15/hr Internet

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4 thoughts on “At last! 15/hr Internet

  1. Hello Bambit! Where exactly is Tambo? Hmmm… Internet rates near our place is around twice as much. I do freelance writing every once in a while, and when I do not have the office laptop with me, I resort to Internet shops. Thank goodness headsets have become standard fare. There was a time when CounterStrike was very popular and headsets must have been quite expensive yet at that time. Internet shops become noisy war zones, making it really difficult to even listen to what you’re thinking. 🙂

  2. i used to hangout alot on cafes when CS boomed to its fullest. the noise and so was the game was sooo therapeutic for my soul…

  3. cute ni maia day… looks like you still have a lot to do in that house, sus ako sad dial up pa..
    hope is well and dili kaayo init.

  4. ang mamahal naman ng rates ng mga cafe dyan… 😈

    dito sa shop which im regular, the rate is P10/hour. pag bumili ka ng P50 it is equivalent to 6 hours usage. mura no? matindi kasi competition. yun nga lng medyo maingay, pero sanay na rin ako, kasi hardcore gamer din ako. minsan nga hinahanap hanap ko yung ingay na yun… 😀 pero meron din namang mga PC na merong headset. 🙂

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