beat the heat

Kainggit noh? We all feel like getting in there with her, and thinking jeez why didn’t we get the bigger one so we all could get in with her. The answer is simple: mahal yung malaking pool noh!

Just this afternoon I set the big industrial stand fan five feet away from me as I sat here in front of the computer, and after a while I thought, yey hindi na ko pinagpapawisan …

And then I happened to touch the skin on my neck and wondered why it felt like I had sand on it … I looked at my fingers but they were clean, no sand there … and then I tasted my fingertips — MAALAT! My sweat had been drying into salt on my skin — which meant even with the fan right in my face I WAS STILL SWEATING!

Grabeh ang iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Beat the Heat

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10 thoughts on “Beat the Heat

  1. Hi Bambit!

    I found your website through your husband’s, and his through a tag he left in my blog. Prior to this, however, I had already heard your name from Ruth(PB), who asked me if I was related to you because I too am a Gaerlan.

    I just scanned through your more recent posts and I just had to laugh. Today was my only daughter’s first birthday. I was rushing to get her ready for her party in time when she peed on me during her diaper change. Since I was in a rush (we had to get to the party venue ON TIME), I just grabbed my dish towel from the kitchen and dabbed at my dress. It took my reading your blog to realize that I was still wearing pee on me!

    I have so many wonderful memories of Iligan. We used to go there on our summer vacation when we were younger. My grandparents had a house in Sunset Court in Tibanga. One of the reasons why I now love living in Modesto, CA is because it reminds me of Iligan.

    Unfortunately, both of my grandparents are now gone, but I will always have my memories of those carefree days spent with friends, playing shatong in the daytime and patintero by moonlight.

    I would love to see pictures of present-time Iligan. Have you posted any?

  2. inday collect all the salt pang flavour sa sabaw ayy init para sabaw no?
    cute kaayo ni imo anak da grabe….hain ang salbabida yohhooo

  3. Gaerlans reuniting thru blogging, isn’t that amazing? we can keep in touch with each other thru this technology. I’m in the process of putting up a family tree of our clan (Dumlao-Gaerlan) up in the web, I would really want to find out our linkages. My grandfather grew up in Dagupan, Dr. Delfin de Venecia Gaerlan, passed away 10 yrs ago. I believe all Gaerlans from Pangasinan are related since Gaerlan is not a very common surname. My great grandfather is Gregorio Gaerlan, a bishop who started the Aglipay church in Dagupan (di kami Aglipay na). I that name rings a bell or someone in your family is familiar to it, pls let me know. I want to know who is the patriarch of our clan, want to link it with Art’s. Haba na nito. Sa uulitin.

  4. it’s really so hot…everyone’s blogging about it!!!

    kaingget nga si maia… i bought pools for my nieces and nephews in batangas before… kasi they have all the space and water for such…

    kaya nga asa mall lahat ng tao eh..kaso hindi ka naman syempre relaxed pag andun ka…

  5. Cool!

    It’s either hot and humid or rainy AND humid these days.

    Am getting sick because of going in and out of air-conditioned rooms.

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