Much as I would like to be a stay-at-home mom for at least the next 18 years, it looks like circumstances are conniving to have me turn into a working mom again. In my opinion, only a former working mom can truly appreciate how blissful the life of a stay-at-home mom is, despite the endless underwear changes (both yours and the toilet-training toddler’s after she pees on you), the mountain ranges of laundry, the unmistakeable film of forgetfulness in the form of dull white dust on the coffee table. At least you are not on the phone the entire day alternately yelling at and cajoling suppliers so that they bend to your will, or swallowing your ire as you speak to clients who are just this close to being ripped apart by your retractable adamantium claws.

But I am looking at my jobsdb account and the career matches it’s giving me, and the choices appear grim. Call center manager. Call center team leader. Call center accounts specialist. Is there a job out there that is not even remotely related to call centers? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking call centers and its diligent workers. It’s just that I’ve worked with a call center before (as admin assistant) and I’ve discovered that the hours are definitely NOT for a working mom with two growing kids and an über-lambing husband.

Come to think of it, I kinda liked my old job, the one I had before the call center thingie, despite the speed at which it made my grey hair grow. When I wasn’t yelling on the phone I was making and fixing websites, setting up desktop systems, even threading the occassional cat5 cable through ceilings. And who can ever forget attending Veritas seminars at the Peninsula where the food was always awesome, or at the Shangri-la hotel where they tone the lights down during lectures just dark enough for one to catch a quick catnap?

A few friends have told me I may be too old to be employed again, so why not open my own business? Only one thing comes to my mind … an internet café. We have the space, there’s no question about that. But since we just plunked the better part of our savings down on repairing this house, the problem of capital comes to mind. I’m still thinking about it, though, despite PLDT’s obvious hesitance to give me a postpaid landline. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice you think, if I end up putting up a netcafé after all this?

But seriously …

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12 thoughts on “But seriously …

  1. By the way, Bambit, you could try inquiring at GlobeDSL. I heard its very good and connection is way better than PLDT!

  2. globe does not service this area unfortunately (and neither do bayantel nor digitel), alma, i found that out while i was still in iligan and making use of pldt’s 10p per tawag promo (which is still ongoing btw, kaya doble ang asar ko) which is also why PLDT seems so intent on giving me a difficult time dahil alam nilang wala akong ibang choice.

  3. gee grabe diay sad ang PLDT.. they know how much you need them and they are playing it hard 👿
    well maayo unta you can start yr business, ing ani man ni matigulang ta, dili kuno marketable.. ay,,,
    good luck day if you push that plan…

  4. i would wish for that moment wherein i get to spend more time with my kids and still do something that would keep my mind useful. a business would be great. 😛

  5. Hello Bambit! Oh, that would indeed be nice. Having your own business. Hawak mo oras mo, not a 9-5 (or longer) office work. You’ll be your own boss! Hopefully things turn out fine with PLDT. And I thought they’ve become more efficient with installing new subscriber lines!

  6. hi bambit. My brother and his wife put up an internet shop at home and it is doing well. What’s good about it is they don’t really have to leave home. Wala ng bayad sa renta… wala pang gastos sa pamasahe(na pataas ng pataas!!!) plus they could always use the machine since they are also fond of it…
    so kulitin mo lang ang pldt bibigay din yon… tapos start ka with few machines then dagdag ng dagdag na lang! good luck!

  7. putting up an intenet cafe is really good these days. ragnarok is so popular and so is net surfing. whats the plus is that nasa field mo yung bussiness so i bet you’ll really have fun working on it hehehehe..

    if this push through make a theme for it like coffee, books whatever kasi ako if ever ill put up one redhorse or something alcoholic hehehehe:grin:

  8. it is a fitting reward, i agree, bambit. go on, you seem to be qualified enough to manage a business. how would you know if you will not give it a try?


  9. or.. you can be a webhosting reseller offering automated wordpress installations… i think all you need is an epci visa card, a paypal account… and of course, some scripting knowledge, once you have all of these, you can have the benefits of being in both worlds (a fulltime mom, and a working mom)

  10. oh, or you could run an internet cafe as well as offer webhosting (as a reseller) you can google webhosting reseller and makikita mo yung mga services available. good luck

  11. am sure you’d be a success in whichever profession you go into…


    belated happy mother’s day….

    i hope the heat isn’t getting to maia

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