1. Clean all bedrooms.
  2. Move Maui’s stuff out of his room and into ours.
  3. Tell Maui to calm down, it’s only for a week or two …
  4. Change all bedsheets and pillowcases.
  5. Wait, we don’t have enough pillowcases. We don’t even have enough pillows. Gotta go out and buy some.
  6. Get groceries. For 10 people * x weeks. You don’t know how it can be done but you need to get it done.
  7. Make sure all the plugs are secure in their outlets in the server room (a.k.a. guest room). We don’t want the network conking out amidst all this. The internet is what keeps us sane. Also the network gaming.
  8. Make sure there’s enough packaged MRE’s in our bedroom. In case of emergencies.
  9. Hire spacious passenger vehicle with lots of gasoline in the tank. Hire driver. You know you can’t drive.
  10. Smile. Relax. It’s only for x weeks.

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