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5 thoughts on “Eto, kaya mo?

  1. this reminds me of one of the tests they make when you audition for ballet. they check if you have flexible achilles heels. you plie (bend your knees to the side) as low as you can without raising your heels. this also determines if you can jump high or not.

  2. Bambit, YOU are hilarious! 😆 I had a blast imagining you squatting ala Madonna and even doing some twirl on that pole!

  3. alma, nag-ambisyon ba daw na maging star dancer sa Pegasus?!? 😆

    ralph, the only thing my achilles heels can do is get hit by an arrow…

    mell, try it try it, ang saya saya! 😆

    tin, to think Madonna was born 16 August 1958, and she’s just five years older than me … feel ko daw maging material girl in my second childhood 😉

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