As I was looking at some old pictures today I realized that I have lived in a total of 16 residences and moved house at least 18 times in my lifetime.

Dad and Son and Grandsons in BaniladI was born in my father’s house in Baltao in 1963. I was a mere toddler when I was put in the care of my aunt in Cabatuan St. Balintawak, Quezon City, sometime in 1965. In 1977 I rejoined my parents who had moved to Cebu three years prior. We lived in Sto. Nino Village in Banilad, where my father still resides to this day.

As an 18-year-old runwaway I was “adopted” by Cesar Aquino in Dumaguete, while I attended the Silliman Writers Workshop in 1982. Fate led me to start a family at a very young age, living at my in-laws’ house in Mandaue City. We tried living apart from them for a year, renting a small house in Pusok, Cemento, Lapulapu City, but we moved back in with them the following year.

Bambit and little Athelstan at Tumulak CompoundAt the time of the EDSA Revolution we had moved out again, this time to a high-tech compound in Lapulapu City. By high-tech I mean that the water system was not dependent on external suppliers. Athelstan and Maui at Sangi HouseOur water supply came from a deep well that fed a huge overhead tank powered by a giant windmill. Two years later I came into a little sum of money and we decided to lease a small lot at Sangi, Bag-ong Dalan, Lapulapu City. We built a house made of native materials, which slowly deteriorated along with my marriage.

Maui at Rajah Townhomes Canduman MandaueIn 1997, my father helped us get a small townhouse in Canduman, Mandaue City. In 1999 I found a job on which brought me back to Manila, where I first landed in an apartment building in Paco. Two months after that, my cousins convinced me to move in next door to them at the Lim’s residence on Merced Street. Athelstan at Lim Residence, Merced, PacoMy marriage coming to an end and my desire to be completely on my own prompted me to move out six months later, when I found a cozy room 3 floors up from a barbershop near Estrella St. on EDSA. Another six months passed and then I found a newly-built row of studio flats on Danlig Street, a block in from the barbershop street. This was the flat where I once fell sick and found someone to watch over me.

Maui and Mom at Antipolo St.When my son Maui joined us we moved into a larger apartment a stone’s throw away from where he was going to start 3rd grade. Two years later my elder son announced that his girlfriend was on the family way and that they would like to weather it out with us for the time being. Maia at AnastacioThat was when we moved to a house just around the corner, where they were married, and where my grandson Andre first came home. When they had gone back to Cebu, Sam and I got married, and thought of starting our own family, and this house was where Maia first came home too.

Baby Maia in IliganTwo months after Maia was born, we joined Sam in Iligan where he’d started work with an NGO. That was when we lived in the infamous dog-infested apartment that I had blogged about. After just over a year, life has led us back to Manila where it all began, here in Baltao.

The World is a Circle without a beginning, and nobody knows where it really ends.
— From the movie “Lost Horizon”, lyrics by Burt Bacharach

Following the Circle

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10 thoughts on “Following the Circle

  1. sa haba man daw ng prosesyon babalik at babalik ka rin kung san ka nagmula…

    kaya Davao babalikan kita!

    hello maia!

  2. Hi Bambit. We must be on the same wavelength because I also just blogged about the many places I have been blessed to call home.

    With me nga lang, I’m taking it a bit further, basing my other blog on the whole concept of HOME and what takes you back there.

    I loved the baby pictures, and my heart warmed upon reading your 100th post.

    How’s the potty training coming along? I will be asking you for tips a few months down the line.

  3. @ ayeza – yes, and who wouldn’t want to go back? si maia kabalo na mu-flying kiss ug magdula na pud ug catch, ug luto-luto 🙂

    @ til-as – sus dai, pwerti nang dakua sa akong mga muscles sigi alsa sa mga butang namo!

    @ sealdi – asa naman ka karon dai, naa na ka diri pinas?

    @ Renee – the toilet training is proceding as planned. Maia pees where she likes and we clean up after her. Well, at least she doesn’t pee on people anymore these days…

    @ punzi – dala mo vicks mo? pahingi …

  4. Wow, by this time you must be a “moving expert.” I moved about 5 times and each time I moved, I lost about a quarter of my things. I moved to this last place more than 10 years ago and would you believe, I still have some of my things packed in a box. I’m afraid to open them, baka kung ano na yong laman. 🙁

  5. Hello bambit! i always visited your site of course and i ignored your post JJJaded. it was only now that i read this post that i found out about your love story and your 100th post. CONGRATULATIONS! and yeah, you have a wonderful story, with every places ypu move there is a nice story that stays.

  6. sus we are on the same boat are we? but looks like you made a FULL CIRCLE.

    balik na ko… and i have just been away for a short while but the no of readers of this blog has increased!

  7. @bugsybee – when we moved from manila to iligan last year i intentionally left behind more than 50% of my stuff. sako-sakong damit, laruan at kung anu-ano pa ended up with the being carted away by our suking basurero. and even then merong dalawang karton na hindi nagalaw for the entire year that we were there. i think it’s because i knew the stay there was not permanent, that i was anticipating yet another move.

    @luchie – thank you, you know sometimes i get confused when i remember stuff about the places i’ve lived in. but i remember the christmases most, because of the tree we had (or didn’t have, in the dark years).

    @schatzli – sus dai, en grande man sad nang imong binalhinay oi, lupigan kaayo ko! 🙂 mingaw baya ko nimo wala ka kabisita dinhi ug manuktuk pud kos imong blog wala pud tawo 🙁 welcome back!!! 😀

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