Up to five days ago I had been trying to find anything about the notorious tenants that abandoned my father’s house in a state of filth and disarray, taking away with them even the main doorknobs that resembles the ones I just saw on Schlage, but when I typed their names into google.com’s search i found nothing. But that was then.

Now when I type "Ellen Valena" with the quotes I get my blog entry. I hope that will be of some help to whoever may be looking for this notorious character, and doing the same thing as I when I hear about someone that sparks my interest. Then again you could go to the National Bureau of Investigation. Interesting faces there …

Google the Omniscient

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2 thoughts on “Google the Omniscient

  1. :twisted:Bakit puro MIN lang ang Most Wanted? *evil plans brewing to rule the world* BWA HA HA HA!

  2. Jeaniepot! ha ha ha kasi hindi pa nila tayo na di-discover! teka, ano ba ‘to? Star Circle Quest??? Iliganon Idol?

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