More than 40 years ago my mom and dad nicknamed their second kid “Bambit”. Why they did that, I had no idea, as my real name as it appears on my birth certificate is “Maria Marina Victoria”. Recently, out of plain curiosity and because I had nothing better to do, I entered my nickname on Google. This is what I found.

Bambit Online
Bambit Online. News and musings from the Gaerlan Family of Iligan City. … posted by Bambit 2:54 PM 0 comments. Sunday, October 10, 2004. … – 34k

Bassokuoro Bambit
Bassokuoro Bambit. Click! – 1k
Bass Choir Bambit is a Finnish singing group consisting of ten basses and barytones. We still are in the process of providing our international fans with pages in English. This may take a while. (Almost as long as it propably would take you to learn Finnish.)

Cosmetic Surgery and Liposuction – Australia
… Jayne Bambit. “If you are considering … I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this procedure.” Dr Jayne Bambit. Doctor Jayne Bambit is … – 16k

Kuntaw Kali Kruzada
… [March 1992] Left to Right: Guro Pablito Babulot, Master “Bambit” Dulay, Grandmaster
Roberto Presas & Maestro Rico Acosta during a private lesson exercise. … – 23k

Bambino’s Pizzeria and Fine Foods
… Donair Sauce, $.70 Sm $.90 Med $1.75 Large. Back to top 1/4 Pounder – 2 Patties, 100% Beef, $2.55. Li’l Bambit – 1 Patty, $.99. with bacon or cheese, add $.50. … – 44k

Ok… a Finnish all-male choir, an Australian Vicky Belo, a martial arts master and a hamburger?

Vive la difference!

Googling Bambit

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