Turning 42 wasn’t so bad, as a matter of fact it was quite enjoyable!

Where's a good place to have lunch?

The entire household hied off to Dampa for a hearty seafood lunch.

What are we having for lunch?

While the girls and the kids settled themselves inside Trinity Restaurant, Sam and I went into the seafood palengke for the goodies.

What are we having for lunch?

What are we having for lunch?

Kuya Pakx

My eldest son Athelstan came to Manila and stayed over for a week, that was real nice too.

Ang kulet!

And Maia wanted to eat everything in sight, including all the ice in the ice bucket.

Sam, our gracious host, who patiently picked crab and shrimp meat for me dahil ang kulit ng anak nya, ayaw magpababa.

What are we having for lunch?

And two of the cutest kids on earth, Kuya Maui and Little Maia.

My burpday gip!

After lunch we went to SM Sucat to get my birthday present, a Sony Ericsson T630 that I’ve had my eye on for about a month now.


It takes pretty good pics for a celphone cam.

It was, all in all, a pretty good day πŸ™‚


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19 thoughts on “Haberday!

  1. Maligayang kaarawan! at mukhang maligaya nga! ang gaganda at ang babait talaga ng mga taong pinanganak ng Hulyo, bakit kaya? hmmm hehehhe.

  2. Happy Birthday! Eto ang mga namimiss ko sa Pinas, yung Dampa. HAY! Just unwinding here because it’s weekend. Will be busy again tomorrow. Keep blogging!

  3. happy b-day,nakakagutom yong manga seafood sa picture,saang dampa ba yan? May nag sabi na may dampa daw sa libis at sa Paranaque?

  4. Dampa is one of my favorite places to have family meals in. I’m celebrating my birthday in Dampa sa Libis naman next week with some family. Aliw ang concept diba? πŸ™‚ And cheap pa!

  5. no way did i miss your bday? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lain lagi ka wala ka nagsaba saba πŸ™

    i could have the entire bisaya bloggers in manila raid your house hahaha

    hope it was a happy one kahit me tampo pa rin ako waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Happy Birtday *mwah*

  6. Bambit, been reading your blog. Nice photos of your family and more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Do share more photos! πŸ™‚

  7. Bambit, belated happy birthday sa yo! I like reading picture stories, and your post is very nice. I’ve had the chance to eat there once, and I enjoyed it too.

  8. Oh my, I miss the SEAFOOD in the Philippines! I was just writing an entry here about “Open Air Markets” (which is also typically Asian) and I made a remark that seafood is nothing compared to the tropics. Totoo naman! Just look at the goodies in your foto’s. *sigh*

    I have been to Dampa before too. The prices there in the past was really a bargain. Would love to go back there again when I am in Manila, I just need someone to tag along because the Dutchman doesn’t eat anything from th sea. He is so KJ!

    Happy Birthday though. In Holland, we usually say, “Congratulations” to the birthday person and all the relatives and friends. Weird isn’t it? Haha

  9. bambit,

    super belated happy birthday!
    ang sarap tignan ng mga litrato nyo, dahil sa dampa, dahil sa pamilya ninyo ni sam!

    stay happy!

    ps: bakit nawawala sa sirkulasyon si sam?

  10. Better late than never,Happy Birthday Bambit! I also celebrated my bday just recently but it is not a happy one as yours..sheesh..i’m having this mid-life something blues,lolz!

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