Once upon a time, in a house on an island far far away, there lived a young mom with her 9-year old son. He was watching t.v. and she was washing the dishes with her back to him, just a few feet away. It was a very small house.

It was a time when Aga and Dayanara were the “In” couple, and the trailer to their first movie together was being shown, over and over again, on abs-cbn. It was the same segment all the time, a close-up shot of Aga and Dayanara kissing on the beach. As we look in on our mother and son, it was the 3rd time the trailer had been shown since the tv had been turned on, and also the third time that the son had said “I am going to watch this movie.” The mom, for the third time, had made no comment. It was not the kind of movie she was in the habit of watching.

When the trailer was shown a fourth time within the hour and the son again said “I am going to watch this movie,” the young mom could bear it no longer and, exasperated, asked him, “Why do you want to see that movie? So you can learn how to kiss?”

“No,” he said.


“I already know how to kiss.”

*more silence*

“It’s just like eating ice cream.”

Thank goodness for melamine plates.

“You see?” our young mom says to her mother-in-law later that week, after having told her about her grandson’s ice cream pronouncement. “It’s things like this that make me want to have just an ‘only’ child.”

“Yes,” she said, “but wouldn’t that be like putting all your eggs in one basket?”

True… our young mother admits. If I were to feed him my dreams. But if he follows his own dream and finds success then we’re both happy. If he doesn’t … well, we’ll eat scrambled eggs. We like scrambled eggs. With cheese.

Twelve years worth of omelettes later our young mother (young at heart, anyway) has lost track of that 9 year old son, and is now raising his kid brother and baby sister. The kid brother likes eggs too. Hardboiled. The baby likes hardboiled egg yolks. They seem to be doing ok.

The “young mother” wonders if her eldest son is still eating scrambled eggs.

He’s young, she says to herself. His heart can take it.

In One Basket

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