Bad Bambit, holing up in her room when there are guests in the house. With the presence of grandparents, uncles & aunts and cousins galore there were enough people in the past week to entertain the birthday girl to her heart’s content. Come to think of it, Iligan is their hometown, their territory. Sometimes I feel like I am the guest.

The past week was frenetic with visits to other grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins galore. Road trips in and out of Iligan at all points of the compass. I even managed to start an arches collection, and an amateur attempt at documenting a vehicular mishap. Visited a farm in Manticao, from which the picture in the preceding post was taken.

I feel I need to explain why all the fuss. Maia is the first grandchild of Lolo Toming and Lola Maring Gaerlan. Daddy Toming is 81 years old. Mama Maring is 70. Maia is also the only baby among the cousins here in Iligan, which explains the non-presence of children at the non-children’s party on her birthday.

But now the house has quieted down, as the entourage has returned to their homebase in Manila. *whew*

In the meantime I have discovered, thanks to the inspiration gained from Gelay, the magic that is WordPress. This may be sacrilege, mentioning WordPress on my Blogger blog … but I feel there may be a move in the offing. And I don’t mean just the blog.

Is it safe to come out now?

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