I am a PLDT DSL subscriber. But apparently, PLDT doesn’t know that. There are also several blog sites that I cannot connect to every now and then, and I have been informed that this is my ISP’s problem. I could do a Red Ribbon on these guys, but apparently they’re too dense.

A letter of complaint I sent early in March still has not warranted an explanation. They have told me though, that they have spoken with the mother of the subscriber on record for my account number and she said she has no complaints at all with the service. Which is strange, because my mother has been dead for the past six years.

I don’t know if their records are out of whack or some of those people just don’t know how to read. I use my email address when I sent them my complaint, but apparently that has not given them a clue. all they need to do is enter my name on a search of their database and they would have my address as well … and perhaps, just maybe, they would know I am in Iligan City and not somewhere in Luzon as these centralized-thinking NCR-residing illiterates think I am.

Hay! Ang puso … ang presyon … emoticon 

*In tagalog this translates to "Napapailing nalang ako" 

Lingo-lingo nalang tawon ko…*

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8 thoughts on “Lingo-lingo nalang tawon ko…*

  1. Man, i was waiting for the punchline… where they got quiet and screamed “April Fool’s!!!!!” 😈

  2. Jeanie, me too pero i think they’re serious. Seriously brain-damaged.

    mell i can get into the .tk sites ok, i have one of my own even, pero sometimes i can’t get into gelay’s site as well as the famous blogkadahan site.

  3. My concern with PLDT DSL whenever their broadband internet fails, all their trunk lines were inaccessible as well as if their entire system shuts down.

    Secondly, PLDT is a big company YET they didn’t have technical support available 24/7. They will call you later after 2-3 days, when everything was running okay again…

    I always told them to return to INFOCOM people handling our technical problems if they cannot attend to our technical needs on time.

  4. hi sepikmom. thanks for the encouragement. my other beef about these DSL customer service people is their inability to look at something that is in front of their noses in broad daylight. My email address which I used to send them my complaint. I’m sure if they looked at it thought real hard, they could figure out that it was someone else’s mom they talked to. But I don’t think they can do that, at least not within a month’s time. Kinda slow, don’t you think?

    Hey Laila, thanks for the return visit, and yes, I agree with everything you say about PLDT DSL. Swerte nalang si sepikmom at least siya walang ganitong problema. It could be location specific, but I think it’s more graymatter-related.

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