One late morning at work I found myself with a landline handset wedged between my shoulder and the right side of my head, my left hand holding my mobile to my left ear, my right hand picking words off my keyboard as I logged the conversation I was having with the person on the other end of the landline, and repeating everything that person said to the other person on my mobile, who was one of the technical support engineers on my team.

If you can picture that, stop. I tried to imagine what I looked like and I realized “pathetic” was the best word to describe it.

On top of that I do web design and project management for the same company that I run the tech support team. Once our HR/Admin head came downstairs and stood beside me watching what I was doing on my computer, and I gave her a rundown of what I was doing (more specifically what was keeping me from doing what I was supposed to be doing) and she asked me

“Are you talking to me as Tech Support Manager, Web Developer or PM?”

“You’re not paying me enough,” I laughed.

One of the things I do to unwind is fiddle around with Google Earth, which is quite useful for some of the work I do (classified), and the places I send my tech engineers off to (also classified). I’m just getting the feel of entering gps coordiates and downloading overlays (I have a very good one of Area 51 which I downloaded from one of the gps forums I visit), and it’s all so cool if you have a good internet connection and an above-average video card.

The other thing I’ve started to do is plant flowers. Well I did the first step today, I planted the seeds.

sowing the seeds

The attendant at the plant shop said I should be seeing shoots in three days, if I did everything right. Not too much water, 50-50 sunlight. Maybe light conversation, nothing ponderous or political.

Hmm, sounds like me.


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3 thoughts on “Multitasking

  1. i can picture you with all those gadgets attached to you hahaha you will always be Ate Bambit holding Maia and cooking hehehe thats how i visualize you a warm and loving mother.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Google earth rules – and also, it rocks my socks!!
    Here at work we sometimes use it to plot where we want to throw
    the impossibles that we deal with everyday. Well, we are finding out
    that there’s not enough place on earth to get rid of them – we’re opting
    to use google mars soon.

    Good luck on your new diversion.

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