3rd for the 2nd time

Kuya Maui seems to be doing well in school in his first year of high school. 3rd Honors for two straight grading periods, he’s been given yes. Proud nanay behind him there smiling like a cheshire cat. Senior Scout, Troop Leader, Theatre Guild writer/actor. He’s pretty good at blasting away at stuff on his computer too. My pride and joy he is.

p.s. Congratulations too, to cousin-in-law Exie Abola for winning the 2005 NVM Gonzales award for his short story “At the Ends of the Hyphen”. Exie also won the top prize for the short story category in this year’s Palanca Awards for “The Shakespeare Guy.”

My Pride and Joy

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5 thoughts on “My Pride and Joy

  1. inday AYEZA! paspasa ka greet oi 😀 salamat kaayo gikan sa inahan sa kanunayng gikapoy 😀 unsaon gani pag apil adtong bag-ong bisdak blogger sa blogsome? ngutana pud kong shawty ug tig himo pa ba siya sa bisdakblogger swf na adto na sa bag-ong link padulong…

  2. congrats!

    in-ana pud siguro ang kalipay sa akong parents pagmagsaka nko stage every end of the grading period (high school). tapos gusto jud ni papa naa picture. “,)

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