All who commit crimes that result in the death or physical and/or mental disability of children should be meted the death penalty.

from the Journal
A father killed his two sons after his live-in partner failed to spend the New Year with him in Pasig City at dawn yesterday. read more

from the Inquirer
After failing to take his own life, a deranged man went berserk and stabbed to death his year-old son and seriously wounded his wife and their two other children in Sitio Manggahan, Barangay Palo Alto in this city on Sunday… more

another from the Inquirer
JUSTICE Secretary Raul Gonzalez yesterday pressed the humanitarian tack concerning moves to seek a pardon for convicted child rapist Romeo Jalosjos. more

I believe this should be so even for politicians who rape little girls and women. I don’t give a hoot if these politicians are ailing and should be released for “humanitarian” reasons, and that their victims are rehabilitated and living “normal” lives in other countries.

People who violate children have no cause to expect mercy.

No Mercy

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