Other Endings by Victoria Kapauan-Gaerlan

If you’re into reading short fiction, I’d like to invite you to download my ebook “Other Endings.”

It is a collection of short stories and poetry that I’ve written through the years and have decided to gather into this electronic volume.

Why “Other Endings”? I’ve always thought that real life events never end conventionally, that there is always a twist of fate that makes each experience different even if the same person goes through them over and over again.

Who exactly are you, author? If I may quote from the “About the Author” section of the ebook:

Born Maria Marina Victoria Kapauan in 1963, Victoria Kapauan-Gaerlan started writing at the age where most girls were in high school, going out to parties and meeting boys. She even gave up high school so that she could attend the Silliman National Summer Writers Workshop in 1982. It did not seem to be a difficult choice to her at the time.

She was a fellow to the UP National Writers Workshop in Diliman two years later. She believes that having been to the Dumaguete workshop steeled her for the butcher’s shop that the UP workshop figuratively resembled.

In between I.T. work and family, she managed to show up at the MSU-IIT National Writers Workshop and Literature Conference in Iligan City in 1997, and then the UP Mindanao Workshop held in Davao a year after that.

Primarily into fiction writing, she had a short spell of poetic inspiration, which produced most of the poems in this volume. More poems and short stories exist in the heaven where all good computer hard disks go when they die. They have yet to prove that there is such a thing as reincarnation.

In a brilliant display of delayed reaction, she has finally decided to gather her work in an e-book volume.

The pdf file is 575kb and may be downloaded by clicking on the cover shot above. Many thanks to Bobby Timonera for generously allowing me to use his photograph of Lake Sebu on the cover.

Hope you enjoy it.

Other Endings

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13 thoughts on “Other Endings

  1. How can I order this book? Sus day,writer,computer geek, mommy wife
    congratulations for juggling it all.

    I admire you!

  2. sha kuratan man sad ta nimo oi! hahaha. tenkyu sa compliments, and thank you for downloading my ebook!

    Yes, Bobby Timonera is a pro, you may have seen his other photos on his website, power kaayo sa? He does shoots for the Philippine Daily Inquirer too i think.

  3. kaw ha kausap lang kita kanina u never mentioned abt this hehehe ill download it and save it so i can read it na rin.

    hmm other endings? hope ill have a happy ending soon hehehe

    thanks ate bambit!

  4. tenkyu, tenkyu everyone … actually sa totoo lang, kung hindi ko pa nakita ang ebook ni Angela hindi ko rin maisip na ilagay finally isa isang downloadable document ang mga naisulat ko over the years. until today nilagay ko lang sila dun sa isang pwesto ko sa blogspot ni hindi ko naman alam kung may nagbabasa kasi ala rin namang nagco-comment… he he he. Kaya salamat sa idea, Gel, and salamat ayeza, sha, ralph, alma, ruth, and of course Gelay! 🙂

  5. Hi Tita Bambit! I’ll read you anthology as soon as work’s ove, lapit na, one week nalang. You planning to have this in print? Parang DIGITAL BOOK ko which is my memoirs naman (www.teachersol.blog-city.com). Keep writing!!!

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