My friend Cora, an educator, poet, literary performer and bon vivant, was reading this blog the other day and had left a comment:

Salamat!!! Nalingaw ko og basa! I also noticed that u mention Jacques Derrida’s Le Difference. That is really exciting! It’s one of my favorite discourses on Deconstruction by the same intellectual!!! Hope to read more here in ur blog!

I blinked twice after reading that. Did she mean Leoncio Deriada? It wouldn’t have surprised me if she did, as I have happy memories of the old teacher we are so fond of, well, except when he was asleep …

But, no, Cora said Jacques Derrida, and I’m thinking, who da heck is Jacques Derrida? And I wouldn’t know the difference between deconstruction and boa constriction if it swallowed me whole. You see, I never had any formal education for the things that I eventually did to earn a living for myself. Never went to school for writing, html design or even I.T. project management (ooops, there goes my headhunter out the door). All of that I learned hands-on, and from the most exacting–if not the best, at least in my opinion–employers. The only thing I ever studied for was something I never actually became: a teacher.

And that perhaps is my greatest frustration.


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