One of the referrers to this blog today was One if by land, Two if by C++. An engineering student in the United States, Cyphoid’s most recent post is a very interesting exposition on something that an integral part of the average pinoy diet: instant pancit (pronouced pun-sit, Cyphoid, it’s what we call ramen here in the Philippines).

Cyphoid writes:

These little cubes of joy pack a lot of food, good taste, and quick preparation all in one minute package. It is actually rather astounding, the combination of good traits and the lack of bad that have been packed together in one package. And with the extremely low price tag of around $0.30 per package it is possible to have a whole weeks worth of lunches for under $2.00. Clearly a bargain. And the time and frustration it saves is astounding. To create a whole meal takes only a few minutes and minimal effort. It most likely saves hundreds of hours of a college student’s precious little time.

This under-appreciated necessity is exactly that, both under-appreciated and a necessity.

Them were the days. There was always money for pansit, if for little else. Nissin’s Ramen (in the old blue/red packs with sesame oil, not the sissy yellow-brown ones of today) was what I had in my college years. Nissin’s Ramen sustained the small group of would-be educators that I was a part of through endless reports, preparations for presentations, mock-ups & visual aids, negating any need for taking eca stack. Later in my life it was Lucky Me, chicken flavor, that kept us alive when I was in-between jobs.

While we all have our favorite brands of instant pancit and memories that go along with it, I have never really bothered to make an in-depth analysis of what exactly it was that has sustained us through those years of dire need. So I am impressed and even put to shame by the tenacity of the young people of How Much Is Inside? as they provide a meticulous investigation of the magic that is ramen.

Thank you, Cyphoid. Mabuhay ang instant pancit!

Pancit in the most unlikely places

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