The photo above was uploaded via a powerful plugin called PhotoPress 0.3. The plugin is soooo simple to use. Just download it from the link provided above, unzip into a temporary folder in your hard disk, then FTP to the appropriate folders in your wordpress installation. It adds two buttons to your quicktags, namely "upload" and "browse". A couple of clicks and it will write your code for you in the editbox. By default it centers the photo in the post. But you can override that by replacing the class="centered" to "alignleft" or "alignright" to get the effect you want. A few tweaks in the photopress-inc.php file also allows you NOT to use the photoalbum which will screw up your layout (it put mine so out of whack I disabled the album feature right away). It accepts only .jpg files and not .gif’s so you can’t upload any animated stuff this way. The developer is working on this, I think.

aligned left This is Donald, left aligned. Notice that the thumbnail defaults to 100 pixels in width, but you can change that in the photopress-inc.php file as well. A rather disorienting behavior in Firefox is the way it inserts code always at the end of the editbox, even if you put the cursor at the beginning of the post. The same thing happens in IE, so it’s not a browser thing. The most useful thing about it is that it saves you from writing code to insert photos into your WordPress blog. Aint life grand? 😀

PhotoPress … Fantastic!

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12 thoughts on “PhotoPress … Fantastic!

  1. Hello Bambit! Visiting your new place po! So how do you like WordPress so far? Better than blogspot ba? Does hosting come with a fee?

  2. Whoops, just read the post before this one. harhar. I’m not sure if I have the time for all that to make the move, but yes, I do hear wordpress is a great blogging software.

  3. hey kid! :mrgreen:

    i like wp just fine, thank you. definitely better than blogspot.

    1 yr hosting at ploghost + domain purchase = PHP 1600 thereabouts. not bad, and i didn’t even need a credit card. yung cheapest package nila ito. I have two installations of WP (mine and sam’s) plus a photoalbum (coppermine) and i still have lots of space to use

    plugging ba? 😆

  4. Hello again Pau. Check out Ploghost’s website for the rest of the nitty gritty. I got the cheapest package at 75mb space. There’s a promo going on for bandwidth per package, I think, and tomorrow they’re going to launch a switch from Blogger to WP (or anything else) for free if you get an account. Check out Pinoyblog tomorrow for details.

  5. ate bambit! 🙁 na upload ko na yun photopress log in, nadagdag na nga mga tabs. kaya lang when its time to upload it says

    It doesn’t look like you can use the file upload feature at this time because the directory you have specified (/home/diverge/public_html/wp-content/photos) doesn’t appear to be writable by WordPress. Check the permissions on the directory and for typos.

    would you know what this means!?

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