One look and you will tell me we’ve been had. But it was our lookout to make sure the contract given us was good, and perhaps we trusted too much in whom we thought was a friend, so the renovation ended up more like repairs. Not even rehabilitation describes what we spent more than PHP150K on. But we console ourselves with the fact that for all the effort that my father had taken back in his time to avoid foreclosure on this house because of a loan that had gone over his head for a time, the house remained his. And now he has passed it on to our care it is our turn to keep it alive.

We left the painting of the walls for later, as it was the most expensive item on the quote that we could do without for the meantime, so you will see graffitti on the walls and other weird combinations on what should be a concrete=white, metal=black, wood=mahogany color scheme.

Next time we’ll buy the materials ourselves and get a good carpenter and mason and pay them on a daily basis. Cheaper that way, and there’s a better chance that you will get what you want. No more contractors.


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3 thoughts on “Picture-picture

  1. ate bambit,

    hinay hinay apan kanunay hehehe

    daghang salamat kay nibalik na ka waaaa hapit na ko mabuang diri hehehe

    salamat gyud nimo!

    hello kay maia!

  2. hi bambit, yes… it’s much better if you manage yourself for the repairs and renovation of the house. you can even direct them what you want and save as much as 40 to 50 percent of the cost. and there’s no confusion on the designs… but at least you’re back and online…god bless…

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