The Cutest Galacticos Fan

She likes her new house, we think. She sleeps well at night, and her naps are twice as long in the daytime. Must be the absence of dogs barking all the time. The rumbling of planes taking off and landing doesn’t seem to bother her at all, and she knows the lay of the land already, with the frequent walks she takes with us and with her yaya. Navigation for her is easy. She just points in the general direction of where she wants to go and she gets taken there as she waves bye-bye to whoever gets left behind. When she wakes up in the morning she gets up, gets off the mattress, plods over to the bedroom door and waves bye-bye to the room.

Picture-picture pa jud!

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6 thoughts on “Picture-picture pa jud!

  1. ate,

    mukhang si pebbles sa flintstones si maia dito. hehehe.

    busy busyhan pa akelly. got your number. will call you when i have the time. and the credit. ahihi.


  2. anyone who sees the family together will say Maia looks like her father (only cuter, of course) but she’s got MY attitude 😆 he he he … uhm, i don’t know if that’s a good thing …

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