As the family and I are caught in the middle of teething troubles, relocation pre-flight and pre-graduation anxiety, allow me to turn over this post to Mr. Jorge Q. Concepcion. Mr. Concepcion, as you may know, is the gallant Vice-President and General Manager of Red Ribbon Bakeshop. He has been monitoring our exchanges here and would like to add more information to the universal truth that we all like Red Ribbon products. Mr. Concepcion–teyk it awiiii…

Dear Ms. Gaerlan,

I read through your blog last Wednesday the article, “A Red Ribbon Postscript” and the comments it generated and felt compelled to write you about a number of things:

1) Yes, our organization is particularly proud of our many long-serving employees like Ofel, who certainly typifies the ethos of the people that has built the reputation of the Company over the past 25 years.

2) Tiramisu Meltdown, the cake Ofel gave you to try, is our newest cake offering that was launched only last Tuesday. It is now available in all our stores in the Philippines.

3) In response to your reader, Watson, yes, we will gladly service a customer order in any one of our stores for pick it up in any of our other stores within the Philippines. Within a certain distance from the dispatching store, we can also arrange delivery for a token fee (which may even be waived in certain circumstances). In fact, one may even place an order in any one of our 15 existing stores in California, USA, for delivery in the Philippines!

4) We are presently looking at means to enhance our website to allow our customers to even order on-line. We recognize that our more internet/computer-literate clients, such as you and your readers, would find great value in the convenience of this service. I will personally make sure that you (and Watson) are duly informed, once this service is activated.

I am heartened to see that you and your readers are unanimously gratified with the manner by which we have addressed your concern. Nevertheless, I would like to reiterate my appreciation for the feedback you have given. You have my assurance that measures are now being undertaken to avoid the inadvertent mistakes that were made. Much as we’d rather it not, there will be the inevitable lapses, but for as long as we have vigilant and loyal customers like you who will provide us with constructive feedback, we are confident we can exceed your expectations and continuously delight you with the Red Ribbon experience whenever you patronize our stores.


Jorge Ma. Q. Concepcion
Vice President & General Manager
Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Inc.

Red Ribbon: The Final Word

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One thought on “Red Ribbon: The Final Word

  1. hmmmm. Wow pati ako nasa letter. Mr. Concepcion, I love the dinuguan, aside from the Black Forest and the Mango Roll. Thank you for the information on the delivery logistics of Red Ribbon. I think that this experience with Ma’am Bambit has, at least, provided Red Ribbon with a real-life experience.

    I personally have no qualms with Red Ribbon service (in Park Square II, Makati), but it’s nice to know that Red Ribbon listens to its customers.
    watson | 03.07.05 – 1:43 pm |


    special mention ka nga watson

    anyway…. to Mr. Concepcion, we are really very impressed, not only by the fact that you redeemed yourself in our eyes thru our blog friend’s experience… but more importantly…. by HOW you did it…

    most companies just won’t care…

    bambit… kainggit ka, first ka to sample their new product… i was bloody checking out the red Ribbon shop at Rob Place to look for it

    uhm… baka pwede ko na rin itanong dito… hahaha

    Mr. Concepcion… pardon my kakulitan but… whatever happened to an old fave… Choco Walnut Mousse (?)
    delish | 03.07.05 – 2:54 pm

    In addition to delish’s question, bakit kaya walang stock ng sylvannas sa Red Ribbon Iligan? … yun pa naman peborit ni da hubby nung nagmi-miting pa sila sa Red Ribbon Delta … sylvannas all da way daw sila, malalaking mama imagine nagkakape and snacking on sylvannas.

    Oo nga pala, my grandson just celebrated his second birthday at syempre ang cake nya, Red Ribbon Bakeshop Cebu
    bambit | 03.07.05

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