Dear Ms. Gaerlan,

I am mortified to learn about your unfortunate experience in our Iligan store and can empathize with the contempt you felt as a result thereof. In fact, I marvel at the restraint with which you conducted yourself, given the gross disservice accorded you. I can only offer my profuse apology as there can be no excuse for what you had to go through.

However, beyond mere contrition, I am sincerely grateful that you took the time and bother to make sure that this matter reach our attention here in Manila. Our organization prides itself in consistently providing all our customers a unique and gratifying experience beyond simply consuming our products, and nothing less will do. This is the reason we go through great lengths to ensure that the quality of our products, the ambiance in our stores and the service levels we offer our customers are the best that you deserve. Nevertheless, all our efforts will be for naught unless we get constructive feedback, as you have provided us in this case.

Rest assured that we will take the necessary remedial actions to make sure that the ineptitude you had to face will not happen again. I hope that you will sometime soon favor us with your esteemed patronage again, so that we can have a chance to prove ourselves worthy of the trust and confidence you have come to expect of the premiere bakeshop reputation that Red Ribbon has painstakingly built over the years.

Thank you.


Jorge Ma. Q. Concepcion
Vice-President & General Manager
Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Inc.

I now consider this matter closed, the fault forgiven. Would that all companies were as quick to react as these gentlemen who have replied to my complaint.

Red Ribbon’s Reply, Part 2

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