Reactions to my Seeing Red at Red Ribbon post helped me decide to go ahead with informing their Manila office about the horrible mistake Iligan/Cagayan de Oro branches committed on my daughter’s birthday. Late this afternoon I decided to call the main office in Barrio Ugong to find out who I should talk to. I ended up talking to Mark Sevilla, Sales and Delivery Service Manager for Red Ribbon. I started to tell him my story over long distance, but then I felt my blood pressure rising again as it does every time I recall the incident. I told him I had the entire incident written down, and I would very much prefer to just email my story to him. He agreed that with my well-being in mind, that was the best thing to do. I emailed him the contents of my post, letting him know that it can be found online at this address, with the order form as an attachment.

I received his reply in less than two hours. This is what he said.

Ms Gaerlan,

First of all I would like to apologize sincerely on behalf of Red Ribbon bakeshop for the unacceptable service you’ve experienced in our Iligan branch. Another is to thank you for your time spent writing and calling us even here in Manila. Rest assured that your complaint will be taken cared of, I will relay this to our Group Operations manager and even to our VP / Gen manager here in Manila. I will also send your email to the Iligan Operations so they can rectify immediately. We just hope that you and your family will continue patronizing our products and services.

Thank you very much.

Mark D. Sevilla
Sales and Delivery service mgr

I emailed Mark again thanking him for his reply, and explained to him that I called and wrote not for rectification of an unrectifiable error. How can one rectify an error of time? Can they manipulate time and warp back my daughter’s first birthday party, this time with the cake at the center of the table?

I called and wrote him because if this should happen to a more influential personage here in Iligan, they may not get off as easily. This is Mindanao, after all.

It would be interesting to find out how the Group Operations Manager and the VP and General Manager would react though. I do hope that no heads will roll. On the contrary, if their Iligan/Cagayan de Oro people had just kept their heads this would never have happened. But I’m overwhelmingly curious … abangan!

Red Ribbon’s Reply, Part One

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