Amoxycillin 500mg 3x a day
Vitamin C 500mg 2x a day
Paracetamol every 4 hours (for the fever)

Yun ang nadecipher ko sa resetang sinulat ng doctor ko kanina. Urinary tract infection nga, gaya ng suspetsa namin ni Sam since last week pa. That explains the chills for the past three nights, the latest of which was a bone-wracking experience I wouldn’t wish on any of my friends.

My OB-Gyne was the only doctor I’d been to here in Iligan. Decades ago, Sam’s family had lived in the rented part of their house, so she was an old friend too. I told her my fears of possible oncoming perimenopause and she told me she had the same worries, turned out she was only a couple of years younger than I was. Welcome to the club.

She had this nifty testing kit that looked like a fancy version litmus paper, divided into small rainbow-colored squares. After her her assistant dipped the tester into my cloudy urine sample they had the diagnosis right away. That was cool, as I thought I’d have to go to a lab for the urinalisys and would have to wait for the results the next day. She assured me that the antibiotics were not going to affect Maia (who is still under full breastfeeding). If you don’t feel any improvement in the next two days, come back immediately so we can up your dosage or change your medication entirely. And that’s it! Bon Voyage for next week, we’ll miss you and Maia. Maia’s pediatrician is her older sister who’s clinic was next door.

I’ll miss them both. And I’ll miss all of you because I vowed to stay away from the computer while I’m on medication. Antibiotics does weird things to me.


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7 thoughts on “Reseta

  1. psst ayeza..bev ni 😀 kadumdum pa ka nako day? 🙂

    Bambit, dili ko ganahan sa imo topic kay for 2 consecutive months ko naay 5 day sickness/colds..dili na ko gus2 mubalik ug hospital usa..haay..mao naluoy ko sa imo kay magtumar ka pa ug tambal.. day pag paayo na ha kay gasto baya kaayo magkasakit oi..

  2. Bambit, I had UTI while I was in PNG last Christmas. I was miserable, because we had no access to doctors since our house was located in the mountains… Though I never had any chills, urinating was hell and painfull… Don’t worry, UTI is easily treated though the dangers of it recurring, I heard is more likely… Get well soon, okay?

  3. fyi lang, siya sad ang ob-gyne sa akoa mama dira sa iligan. and her sister was my sister’s pedia, when my sister was a baby.

    i had uti too a year ago, ug maygani nadiagnose dayon. sa akoa, diri ko gapaconsult sa capitol medical center sa qc ug gipabalik pa ko for my test results. kakapoy ba gyud oi.

    get well soon!!!

  4. tenkyu, tenkyu for all the good wishes, and yes UTI is the pits when you get it, but i’m good as new now, well, almost, because there’s stuff that grow creaky with age and my joints are one of them…

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