This is my brand new desktop! With this new setup I will also be starting a new blog full of n00b geekness—soon!

Open-source advocates of the world, mabuhay!


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5 thoughts on “startX

  1. gusto na sad ko mag-linux. kaso busy kaayo ko ay…di ko makapangita ug time para i-tutor (torture) ako kaugalingon para magtuon so as not to render me helpless and lost. huhuhu.

  2. Hello there! hmm..first,oh my have such a cool layout! I like the colors,gray and green.and that bahay kubo, to die for!

    I’m sorry but what’s with the desktop? I’m such a computer idiot,there’s not a bit of geekness in me,lol!

  3. Hello Ms. Bams! Ang gara naman ng site mo! You are trully talented… i wish i could do more on my site too. Keep up, you are a marvel!

  4. Bambit,I like your new template! Your choice of photo for the banner is superb and surreal. Keep the “tinkerings” up! 🙂

  5. thanks for the compliments! the bahay kubo was one of the shots I took when we visited an uncle’s farm in mindanao, complete with baboy and piglets suckling pa yan sa tabi 🙂

    the desktop is the default setting for Mandrake Linux, an operating system that can be installed for free (meaning no more pirates!) and is fast becoming an alternative to the ever so expensive Windows.

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