Strike up the band! Break out the champagne!

At baket? sabay tanong mo.

Because … this morning … I discovered that …

I can now fit into my old denims from two years ago … meaning … I’m back to my old waistline!!! My pre-postnatal (or whatever you call it) waistline!

Oh Joy!!! 🙂

Strike up the Band!

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9 thoughts on “Strike up the Band!

  1. inggit ako!!!!

    i still have a lot of my sexy awtfits but can’t fit in them anymore…. waahhhhhh

    am silently, oh-so-slowly-but-surely ballooning 😀

  2. That’s an accomplishment. I’m trying to lose weight naman, di na magkasya sakin mga damit ko last summer.

    By the way, the “sun” will shine brighter today, with you!

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