. . . while waiting for an internet connection

Contrary to what I earlier believed, I do have a choice when it comes to a broadband connection. I could go cable internet, and for that I chose belltel.ph’s iCable, as recommended by my internet cafe suki Chet. Buti nalang mabait si Chet, ok lang recommend nya provider nya kahit mawalan sya ng isang suki.

I Contacted iCable sales rep Webster on Monday who said his people will visit me on Wednesday. Wednesday late morning Webster texted me to say Friday nalang ma’am kasi maraming pending today. Hokay … so what do I do in the meantime?

I put up blinds in our bedroom. Yeah, used a power drill, similar to these air tools, for the first time. And yes, all my fingers are still attached to my hands. Now I know why they call it a power drill. Power talaga… you get a feeling that you can do anything, parang 007.

Stuff you can do

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3 thoughts on “Stuff you can do

  1. Hehehe — I know what you mean, I LOVE working with a power drill. The first time I held one in my hand, I was completely apprehensive — but I had to be fearless because I had to use it at work, in front of my staff, and get the job done. Now I find any reason to use one (scares the beejeesus out of my husband 🙂 ).

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