Leave me aloneMaia’s got a cold. And a bad case of prickly heat. Her doctor prescribed antibiotics for the cold, and a steroid ointment for the rash. I don’t know how this happened, she’s in front of the electric fan all the time, with her hair up and she’s always in spaghetti strap shirts. Her pedia says to bathe her at least twice a day, three times if possible. Maia would love that. She would stay in her tub the whole day if I let her. These are typical signs of teething, but her gums remain smooth at the edges, and although you can see the bumps that are her teeth, they are adamantly refusing to break through. I’ve been told late teething is good because the baby is now big enough to withstand the pain and discomfort. I don’t know. She seemed especially irritable this morning, when we went out for our usual bill-paying foray. She used to be so well-behaved, but this morning she would not abide standing in line. No bills got paid this morning. Try again tomorrow, they’re not due till the 9th anyway.

She’s been asleep for two and a half hours now, probably fatigued from the screaming fit she threw at the bank this morning. I hope she wakes up in a better mood. It breaks my heart to see her miserable.

Teething Blues

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One thought on “Teething Blues

  1. poor maia! has she got no teeth yet? brace yourself then, bambit. if the going gets tough for the kids, it gets even thougher for us moms!
    ruth | 03.02.05 – 11:53 pm |

    ruth, wawa naman baby ko. usually patihaya at nakabukaka matulog yan, walang ka-angst angst humimbing. ngayon parang ayaw nyang humarap sa mundo.

    I’ve been told honey relieves teething pain daw. totoo ba yun?

    bambit | 03.03.05 – 8:13 am

    bambit… uhm.. yung iba whiskey ata ginagamit… a drop lang ha 😀

    anyway, wawa nga si baby… but i love that shot!!! hay ang cute…
    delish | 03.03.05 – 3:02 pm

    awww poor baby.
    mari | 03.03.05 – 4:07 pm |

    aw, poor baby! she looks so cute, sleeping….I sure don’t miss the teething times, I felt like crying along with them.
    Jmom | 03.04.05 – 5:37 am

    ah, poor baby…my youngest is also teething and it’s never easy. Honey is not recommended for young children because of the natural bacteria that it harbors and that children cannot fight off. Better just stick with sucking ice through a piece of cloth.
    J and A mom | 03.07.05 – 12:40 am |

    i wouldn’t recommend honey. but there are a lot of homeopathic remedies that have been proven effective by other moms. there are also over the counter creams you can use (ask your drugstore). i used none of them kasi with jan, hindi naman ganun ka-grabe teething problems nya, so grin and bear lang kami…

    take heart, bambit. this too shall pass…

    ruth | 03.07.05 – 6:53 pm |

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