Maia being cute

Here is Maia doing what she does best— pretending she’s not up to some mischief. There’s usually a lot of goodies to fool with on the computer table, but I caught her just before she could reach for anything, and she gave me THAT face.

She started walking on her own the day before her father’s birthday, out of sheer frustration because it was late and her parents were refusing to be pulled this way and that as she does to whoever offers a finger for her to hold. She just stood there and then took four steady steps. When she realized she could do this on her own she walked all over the room, shunning all forms of support.

There is a feeling of awe every parent feels when they see their child walk for the first time. It is the surest sign that the child is an individual. It is when every other phrase that comes out of your mouth as a parent is “Don’t do that!” or “Don’t go there!” or “No!” and you see that look on your child’s face that seems to say, “If you don’t want me to do this, then why were you so happy the first time I did?”

You have to be patient with us, baby. We’re parents, after all. We think too far into the future when all you want to do is get that shiny thing on the table.

She’s got the look

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4 thoughts on “She’s got the look

  1. Truly indeed, the very first moments when a child starts to toddle and walk straight, is one of the most momentous of all, and most videotaped and photographed I guess. It’s a mystery of life, and it’s a good one.

  2. salbaje: i guess when you’re at rock bottom, there’s no place to look but up. Medyo matagal narin kaming nakatingala may stiff neck na nga kami eh. 🙂

    Major Tom: digicams and videocams we considered a luxury in the days when we were single, but now that there’s a life to document they’ve become necessities 🙂

    Daily Prophet: thank you 🙂 more power to you too!

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