“So. What do you plan to do with yourself up here?”

He asked me that after we had caught up on two years worth of events, over sandwiches and Starbucks coffee at Santi’s. I replied with the candor that I had learned from him after four years of having worked for him.

“I’m looking for a job. Do you know of any?”

Without missing a beat he said, “Yep, I’ve got one for you right now.”

And that is how, my friends and neighbors, I started working for my (no longer) former boss again, doing bits and pieces (but rather large bits and pieces) of web work that I used to do aside from the other things that I used to do. But this time I am home-based, uploading the stuff I did to a server and emailing him to say where to find them. Yes, I love the internet. I work on my own time (which is sometimes all the time, then again sometimes not) and I get to work in pyjamas and tank tops too. Amazing how I can forget about the heat when I’m working.

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The Second Time Around

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10 thoughts on “The Second Time Around

  1. maraming salamat, ayeza and Sol. I like the computer epek too, parang kakainin na ako ng buhay ng monitor, parang alien … Sam took the pic (of course, of course) he’s the artist in the family. 😀

  2. lucky lucky you! that’s the best set-up: work at home, doing something you really like, when you like (er, nearly)… congratulations on the new job!

  3. justice actually naka-pantulog pa 😛 hindi pa nga naghihilamos yan eh …

    ruth, once a week i do get to go to the office where my former co-workers keep asking me kelan ako babalik full-time, tawa lang ako 😆

  4. i’m jealous. i still have 2 more years before i can consider doing anything else beyond being a full-time mommy and homeschool teacher. congrats to you — how exciting, and what a perfect job!

  5. milkphish, don’t worry the time will come soon enough. kung di lang dahil kina annalyn at bebing nga mga kasambahay namin hindi rin ako makakapagtrabaho either way. the kids always come first. 😀

    bing, ewan ko ba kay sam, dami daming pwedeng kunan ng retrato, ako pa napagtripan. but it is a nice pic noh? 😉

    toni! don’t speak too soon, kala ko hawak ko oras ko kung home based ang trabaho, pero hindi rin pala … hawak parin ni maia oras ko sa araw, at hawak naman ni sam ang oras ko sa gabi! 😀

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