Just a few weeks after the entire household hied off to Baguio, here I am again on leave—sick leave—actually, very sick leave. It started when I woke up on Monday morning, slight tickling in the base of my throat which I ignored on my way to the office. By half past two in the afternoon I was running a fever. My boss told me to go home (after jokingly asking for a plastic bag to put over my head so I wouldn’t infect anyone else). And home was where I stayed until today, until tomorrow even, as my boss told me to come back on Tuesday next week nalang as Monday had been declared a holiday (another gloria-ism declaring all fiesta oficiales moveable to suit her tourism-oriented kuno plans).

Of course I have the company-issue IBM Thinkpad T42 (upgraded) with 1-effing-GB of RAM which is always a joy to use no matter where I am. And so in my otherwise altered state (I look like Smeagol but sound like Gollum) I can still work from home (and get paid too, now isn’t that neat) and not have to risk infecting my co-workers (I’d already infected the entire household, except for my son who has been spared mainly because he is always out at school and when he’s at home he stays in his room blasting away at aliens or watching Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft on DVD). I correspond with clients even if they’ve hied off to some plush real estate Branson vacation, since I have our company-made CRM replicated on my laptop, and perform the website updates that have been assigned to me. The tech guys are in good hands under Team Leader Ejay and my boss says for me not to worry, everything’s under control.

So it’s given me time to bloghop a bit, and even change my template again, the last one had a good color scheme yes, but it was too dark and depressing, no wonder I didn’t blog with it as much, and I found this great looking template on Theme Viewer which was designed by Shawn Grimes so I decided to brighten things up a bit. I reactivated the Headline Images Plugin with the font Angelina, and voila! I think it worked.

And yes, I’ve been taking antibiotics again. You noticed? 😉

Time Off

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  1. Awww get well soon, Bambit! Buti na lang 3-day weekend nga so you can recuperate. 🙂 Have you started on your Christmas shopping yet? 😉

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