We have just acquired our own home in cyberspace, www.kusangpalo.com, with the services of Ploghost. It already has a graphical menu, and Samuel Bilibit has moved in. I, on the other hand, am procrastinating like a hydrophobic swimmer on a chilly day.

Should I give up my blogger setup and dive into WordPress 1.5? Three setups of it exist on the server, Sam’s, my testblog, and a conjugal blog that is still in development stage. I also have Pixelpost, which will serve as the definitive family photo album. I could change blogger settings and have it publish on our server but that seems to be just doing it halfway. But I still have to find THE wordpress template that will fit my obsessive-compulsive attitude towards blogging and web design.

I guess this explains why I haven’t been posting these days. Am busy with FTP and EditPlus and css. Not to mention a Maia who now refuses to take afternoon naps. *sigh*

To Move or Not to Move

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4 thoughts on “To Move or Not to Move

  1. take the WP plunge! it’s great. yun nga lang, konti pa lang choices of templates. but since you’re computer savvy naman, i’m sure you can tweak things to your satisfaction.

  2. I’m not computer savvy so I won’t be of much help, but whatever home you choose, it’s the content that counts naman eh. And you’re always full of good content! 🙂

  3. ayan … nakalipat narin … work still ongoing on the comments, kaya don’t be surprised if the dates on the comments are off ha?

    thank you toni 🙂

    ruth, i like your current template!

    delish, basta anjan kayo, kahit anong adjustment gagawin ko! 😀

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