After two days at the office/staffhouse of the NGO Sam works for, the family and I went on the final drive from Iligan City to Cagayan de Oro City, and flew from Lumbia Airport to touchdown at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This is a year and seven days after we first came to live in Iligan City.

But now WE’RE BACK!

I’m taking advantage of the Internet connection at the office/staffhouse here in QC. The house in Parañaque is almost done but not clean enough for a toddler to be running around in, so we’re staying here until it is. Need to iron out a few design misunderstandings with the contractor (that’s what happens when you renovate by remote control), need to get a few things for the house, need to wait for the container van that’s got our stuff packed like sardines.

Which brings me to Pedring. Pedring works for WGA Zip Cargo. He and his boys came over to the old Iligan house last Tuesday morning to pick up our stuff and put them into a 10-footer container van for shipping to Manila. I had no idea how small a 10-footer container was until I saw one up close. I looked at it, and then at our bulky furniture and assortment of boxes, one of which contained the air purifiers, and said to myself I’d goofed on this one, our stuff will never fit into that container.

But Pedring made them fit, and without having to use a hammer or crowbar either. With the most awesome display of spatial intelligence this side of the archipelago, Pedring directed his boys on which piece of furniture to give him at a time and within the span of less than two hours, he had the entire contents of our house safely piled up one on top of another. I thought, this guy would play a mean game of Tetris.


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17 thoughts on “Touchdown!

  1. hay salamat na sulod tanan sa container, lupig ka namo sulod tanan sa volvo ang gamit namo didto sa UK but we didnt have furnitures, just made sure the Mac was wrapped properly.So balik manila welcome

  2. Maayong Adlaw manay Bambit.

    It’s nice to know that you are happy you are back in the metropolis while i still don’t know when will i go back there. Gumaganda ang blogsite niyo. More power.

    And bambit, I just want to pre-empt some unscrupulous persons ought to destroy my name. I hope you don’t mind.

    Some person is misusing my name MAJOR TOM by commenting some nasty words using it. It she comes here and misuse my name, please do not believe easily. Read my most recent entry for more explanation.

  3. I feel drained just trying to imagine the haul. But since we’re forever young, I’m sure this move is nothing – yakang yaka 😆 !! Tiisin mo na ang pagka-ilussionista ko 😉

  4. Bambit!!! Now I know why you have not been visible… walay tikaw-tikaw! Good luck to the renovation and finally the arrival of your container. Unpacking is one of the stressful and irritating chore there is! Blog about it, okay? Ayo-ayo…

  5. Hi Bambit, how exciting, you are moving! Although, I hate moving and having to pack stuff.

    I can’t wait to see your renovation photos. I looked at the “before” photos, it looks like a house with many possibilities. I look forward to see what you do to the place. take care…

  6. wetaminitttttttt

    are you guys moving here to Manila for good??? is that good for your baby??? bwahahaha… pero ano nga, you’re here to stay???

    am actually happy kasi then i’d get to meet you siguro someday… but really, all the fresh air, the fresh fish, the wonderful sights in the province….

  7. Back for good, yes, as robbie williams once sang, we could be singing there’s no place like home, but we’ve made so many places home in our lives that we really can’t call any ONE place home, but then this is the house I was born in, so i guess it’s the closest thing. I still refer to Cebu as “didtos amo-a” and Sam still waxes poetic about the mountains of Mindanaw, but this is the house where Maia will grow up in and where her Kuya Maui has hooked up his tootit (computer) and for Maui whereever you hang your @ is home 🙂

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