One of the main reasons why I stay miles away from political commentary are decisions like this:

Broadcast ban on Make Poverty History ad campaign

The media regulator Ofcom yesterday ruled that the “click” ads featuring people such as Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue and Brad Pitt, which received blanket coverage across all commercial broadcasters on March 31, constituted a political message and therefore fell foul of the 2003 Communications Act.

Politics, from whereever and whoever, has always given me the sh*ts. This may be the height of it all, when people decide that hunger is political, that children dying every three seconds is political, that letting the world know if this and getting them involved is political.

Political my foot. Ban the church from preaching politics from the pulpits. Ban politicians who splash their faces on billboards extolling the substandard building of roads and bridges. Ban radio and tv commentators who unabashedly promote the political stands of their benefactors.

Now if only we can ban hunger …

What’s this world coming to?

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4 thoughts on “What’s this world coming to?

  1. Eto ung mga tao who can’t see the forest for the trees.. letter of the law rather than the spirit.. ung mga tipong mahilig maghanap ng loopholes. It’s not so much politics that’s the problem, but rampant opportunism which leads to everybody being so extra careful not to step on anybody’s toes or set a precedent or somesuch… similar din yan sa fear ng mga doktor minsan na baka ma lawsuit for malpractice e. While merong iba na talagang mga hampaslupa, other doctors who mean well are prevented from helping or trying new procedures dahil sa takot na mabiktima ng mga oportunista. Mejo off topic na, sensya, tagal ko nang di nag comment sa blog mo eh 🙂

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