Q_and_X.jpgI have just discovered another goodie—the WYSIWYG Plugin for WP! It makes your Write Post screen look something like yahoo mail or hotmail, graphical tags instead of WP’s default quicktags, and options for alignment. It even has an "insert image" button that opens a popup where you can upload and pre-format images before including them in your post.

You can download the plugin from Mudbomb’s site where you can also see a whole bunch of hacks for the plugin via the comments section.

With this plugin I said goodbye to the PhotoPress plugin I installed the other day. I also did away with Alex King’s WP-Grins modifications on the edit pages, but I haven’t disabled the plugin, since I need the smileys on the comment form.

I have posted a comment on Mudbomb’s site regarding pre-loading images into the designated folder via FTP and having them show up in the selection, but as he admits it’s a "VERY lazily-maintained blog" you might want to visit his comments section for the answer.

In the meantime, I leave you with the two handsomest men in my life, da hubby and da X. You may want to read more about them here

WYSIWYG Plugin for WP

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6 thoughts on “WYSIWYG Plugin for WP

  1. Installed and working!

    Anyway, just wanted to share with you two new plugins that you might find useful:

    1) Users online plugin – Displays how many users/lurkers are browsing your blog at any given moment.

    2) Random Witty Text – Displays a random witty text/tagline/quote anywhere you want.


  2. Looks good, Pau. I may use that Users Online plugin, but i always get witty text from the comments here 🙂 thanks for the links!

  3. Greetings Bambit, WP has indeed do you most good and your site has ever been better since then. Keep up and more power. I think WP is the “in thing” right now among many blog users all over the world that’s why it won the best weblog application last year.

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