* You look at a movie trailer and think, “I have that font.I have that font!
*You google someone’s full name to get the goods on him/her. (This is courtesy of ajay.)
* You know you are a geek when you set up an automatic rerouting of your e-mail to your MMS celphone.
* You are a geek when you get sudden attacks of bittersweet nostalgic feelings when thinking about your long-lost old Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX-81, TRS-80 (or whatever hardware you were raised on), and use large amounts of money/time trying to track one down.
* You realize you never cook, eating only take-away pizza.
* You check your website/blog more than twice a day.
* You seriously consider devoting a web page to your computer. (Not the brand, mind you, but the actual computer itself)
Radio Shack TRS-80* You have more e-mail addresses than you do pairs of shoes.
* You get depressed when you get less than 10 e-mail msgs a day.
* You have a roomfull of branded desktop PC’s at your disposal but you’re lusting after a Mac Mini.
* You start getting paranoid you aren’t getting all your e-mail. (If you have sent me e-mail, and there seems to be no life from me, try again.)
* Someone asks you what languages you know, and you reply English, French, Tagalog and C.
* Sleep and nightime are no longer irrevocably linked.Mac Mini
* You arrange to get e-mail access no matter where you go.
* You hear the word “Scuzzy” and the first thing you think of is not an adjective.
* You went to a high school where the only team with a winning record was the Chess team.
* You rig up elaborate mechanisms to do really basic tasks.
* You get REALLY excited when people from countries with limited access to the ‘net are frequent visitors to your pages.
* You don’t hand in final papers unless they’ve been formatted on a desktop publishing program.
* You write web pages about your web pages.
* You can remember your web address faster than your phone number.
* You’ll spend a long time customizing a computer you’ll use for one day to the absolute pinacle of comfort, but you won’t bother to spend two hours sewing up a skirt, and wear the damn thing sarong style.
Vanity Plates* You do your best work after 11 p.m.
* You work in a building where you need a badge to move between floors.
* You can count the number of moderately good hacker/computer dude type films on one hand.
* You’ve bought one of those license plate holders on which you can have your URL embossed.
* You head straight past People and the always fabulous Cosmopolitan for this month’s Computer Shopper.
* You can track the geek gene through your family tree.More email addy's than shoes?
* Not only is your computer in the centre of your room, it’s set up so as allow ‘netting from your couch, as well as your desk chair.
* You arrange your jobs so you can telecommute.
* You organise your CDs, so the tops all face upward, alphabetically, or by record label (If you do more than one of these, you are an Anal-Retentive Geek).
Hacker?!?* You carry blank recordable CDs or flashdrives to and from work.
* You plot to get your grandmother on E-mail.

AND last but not least . . .

* You think Hugh Jackman playing a hacker on Swordfish is the most ludicrous piece of casting ever made in Hollywood.

(List shamelessly lifted from Joke-Archives.com with a few modifications by moi.)

You know you’re a Geek when:

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14 thoughts on “You know you’re a Geek when:

  1. oh my! I knew it all along im a GEEK!

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee teka paano ba ang scoring system? i got three out of everything hehehe

    i cant sleep 🙁

  2. The unofficial guide to geekdom

    There are 33 items in the list

    if you see yourself in 10 you’re well on your way to geekdom.

    if you answer yes to 20 but don’t want to admit it, you’re a closet geek.

    if you answered yes to items 3 (nostalgia for long-lost old computers) and 9 (mac mini over branded PC’s) you probably answered yes to the other questions anyway, so that makes you an uber geek!

  3. @ronallan – baka kasi ayaw mo pang aminin the other 14! 😀 i think you’re more of a gaming geek than a computer geek though.

    @bing – half? did you say half?! omygulay did you say half?! he he he day, geekdess ka na!

    @ayeza – ok lang yun. geeks are people too you know 😉

  4. ay… akala ko kelangan ma meet lahat ng reqmts para masabing geek he he sabagay tao rin nga naman ang mga geek..

  5. Nice list, bambit. It’s funny how semi-geeks like me can relate to this but i would also like to include the fact that I always try to Google people in order to get to know more about them;)

  6. good point ajay! i do that too he he he… let’s include that in the list, shall we?

  7. funny reading this list. haven’t heard “scuzzy” in a while. my oldest computer was a dinosaur IBM XT, and printed on a 9-pin 🙂

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