Who is Horatio Caine?

Raised in 1960s Miami, by age 16 Caine had experienced a lifetime: Civil Rights marches, Cuban freedom flights, violent race riots, and the rise of dug culture.

His mother, a single parent in a time that did not favor such a definition of family, taught Caine that strength resided in your mind, not your hand. Though she was demanding, her love protected him until she was killed by a drug dealer that she stood up to. At 17, while other teenagers were learning to disco, Caine set out to help the police find her killer. By the time the murderer was sentenced to life, Caine knew he had found his calling — to protect his city.

Caine entered the Police Academy after high school, but quickly discovered that the beat left him bored. When he realized that the evidence-cracking CSIs were the people who actually solved the crimes, he enrolled in university and, four years later, Chermistry degree in hand, he was a Level 1 Criminalist with the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Rising quickly through the ranks, Caine grew frustrated with departmental bureaucracy and threatened to quit. Al Humphries came to his rescue by offering to train him as second-in-command with the Bomb Squad. Humphries became the father-figure Caine had never had.

When Megan Donner stepped down as head of the Crime Lab, the Police Chief asked Caine to take over. Although he had thrived as a member of the Bomb Squad, Caine missed what had drawn him to police work in the first place — the science of catching the “bad guy.” He accepted the position.

A three-dimensional thinker, Caine can rapidly understand how pieces fit into a puzzle. He knows that science ultimately provides the solution, but he also knows that there is more to crime-solving than blood spatter and DNA. When it comes to protecting his city, Horatio doesn’t just trust science, he trusts his gut.

H&Marisol.jpgAnd now on Episode 23 of Season 4 (“Shock“) he marries Eric Delko’s sister Marisol! Kilig! Some may say the May-Decemberness of this relationship is nothing like what could have been between H and Yelena, but I like Marisol for just getting out there and inviting H to dinner, something Yelena never did. And H deserves to finally be in a nurturing relationship. I’ve always preferred H to Grissom (Vegas) or Mac (NY), mainly because I find Grissom too much of an island to himself (after 6 seasons that gets to be tiresome), and Mac really hasn’t had the time (after a mere 2 seasons) nor the opportunity to let it all hang out. H is the sun in the CSI:Miami solar system, and while each CSI team member is his own person, they all bask in the guiding light of H’s leadership.

Hey. Some people have Pinoy Big Brother, I have CSI:Miami. If I can manage to stay up late enough on a Sunday night, I can have all 3 CSI’s but Miami is the one I’ve taken the time to Limewire down (all four seasons of it). There’s a perkiness to Miami that isn’t quite present in Vegas or NY (not that it’s what the other shows try to achieve), and I like that. It’s entertaining. And that’s why I still catch it on TV when I can, even if I have the DivX rips.

I *Heart* H

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  1. napanood ko rin ang episode na yan. i used to hate hmmm masyado yatang strong yung word na hate lets say i used to not like Horacio Caine super emote kasi minsan well even up to now lalakad lang naka pose pa hehehe pero after that episode hmmm meron rin pala syang soft spot weeeeeeeeeee

    I heart H too :p

  2. ayeza and G, thanks very much for the greeting and I hope you’ve had your fun on this day too!

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