Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi

Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi is the heart-throb figure of the Japan squad, attracting admirers for his talent as well as an army of female followers with his handsome looks. Kawaguchi enjoys immense popularity in Japan, but it is his goalkeeping prowess which has made the 29-year-old the star he is today.

from Fifaworldcup.yahoo.com

And with that fantastic save of Darijo Srna’s penalty shot and Niko Kranjcar’s attempt at goal, he is now right (well, almost right) up there with Oliver Kahn in my list of football players to idolize.

Why this fascination on goalies when everyone else idolizes the strikers and the forwards? I suppose its because when everyone else has done his best and the ball is still on its way to the goal, the guy who settles it all is the goalkeeper. It’s the goalies I remember. David Seaman, Fabien Barthez, Oliver Kahn, Dida, and now — Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi.



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2 thoughts on “Saved!

  1. Oh,what about Paraguay’s Chilavert? The keeper who scored goals himself?

    Did you watch last night’s Japan VS Croatia match? Kawaguchi made some fine saves there,he was brilliant,right? and muy guapito,too!

  2. sachiko san! muy gwapito indeed, and quite the talent too. didn’t get to watch the first game where Oz beat them, but yes I did witness the game between them and Croatia. The boy is a genius! 🙂

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