over the past three weeks:

1. a lot of time meant for blogging
2. a few inhibitions
3. a lot of time meant for personal endeavors (namely blogging)
4. my temper
5. all the photos on my blog
6. some of the photos on Sam’s blog
7. the AquaBlog
8. Maia’s new photo blog
9. a couple of test sites I put up on kusangpalo.com
10. a precious few readers who have given up hope on whether I was going to blog again.

There could be more, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

A list of things I lost

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4 thoughts on “A list of things I lost

  1. I am quite positive that these are things lost but can easily be regained again…BTW, I van’t help but notice the very crafty new design of yours. It is so revolutionary…

  2. amishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! where did you go? nagbakasyon ka ba? sori dami ko tanong.

    ganda bago mo layout. COOOOOOLLLL!!!


  3. Mea maxima culpa gayud, Major Tom, fooling around with my server settings (oooohh, i wonder what happens when I click this button?)

    The new design is by Nikos Iliadis and his website (plus another theme called Scary Little WordPress) is HERE.

    Diyosaaaa, yes, nagbakasyon … nagbakasyon ang utak ko from my body!!!

  4. asan na ang 5 weird habits metch??? dali! dali! nikakati na akong basahin! sabi ko TAGGED ka eh!

    nagpost ako sa shoutbox mo. pasaway! ayaw tanggapin ang messages ko. okray talaga ever! cookies deactivated daw! ay pasaway talaga!

    anyhoot, super mega enjoy ako sa tvu. AHAHAHHA! meron akong hbo subscription. free evah!

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